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Wiz Khalifa’s Mother is Sueing Amber Rose [Rumors]

Wiz Khalifa By Jack Barnes It's being reported that Amber Rose is being sued by Wiz Khalifa's mother Katie Wimbush-Polk. Katie Wimbush-Polk, who is Wiz Khalifa’s mother, is suing over a phone call her son’s ex-wife Amber Rose Levonchuck made where she basically read Sebastian’s grandma for filth… Wimbush-Polk, who is affectionately known to many of her son’s friends and fans as “Peachie” isn’t having it. An ...

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Aaron Beri On His Debut Album “Avalanche”, Being Independent & More [Interview]

Aaron Beri By Jack Barnes Getmybuzzup: Tell us a little about yourself? Aaron Beri: I’m an Englishman who currently lives in Australia. I’ve always liked writing poetry, and I guess you can say that I started songwriting several years ago when I merged some of my poems with music to form ‘Avalanche’, my debut album. When I’m not in the studio you can bet I’m hanging out with my dog or doing something creati ...

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