Open Space: Lud Foe Reviewed by Momizat on . "Chicago fucked up," says Lud Foe. "It ain't no place to take a vacation, I'll tell you that." The Chicago drill rapper known for songs like "Cuttin' Up" and "N "Chicago fucked up," says Lud Foe. "It ain't no place to take a vacation, I'll tell you that." The Chicago drill rapper known for songs like "Cuttin' Up" and "N Rating:
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Open Space: Lud Foe

Open Space: Lud Foe

“Chicago fucked up,” says Lud Foe. “It ain’t no place to take a vacation, I’ll tell you that.” The Chicago drill rapper known for songs like “Cuttin’ Up” and “No Hooks” was inspired by his older cousin—who will soon be home from lockup—and by Atlanta legend Gucci Mane. “I made a lot of money listening to Gucci Mane, you feel me?” says Foe. “He inspired me to keep gettin’ some money.”

“You never know who fake, who real, until they get in a real situation,” Foe notes. “Everybody portray that image so good… Some n****s put on a gangster front when they get around gangsters. If you ain’t a gangster, don’t pretend to be one.”

Speaking of real situations, in March of this year Lud Foe was involved in a highway crash with a big truck.  His car flipped over and over but miraculously Foe and his friends survive. “To all my fans: I’m a SOLDIER,” Lud wrote in an Instagram post. “They say what doesn’t kill you, only makes you STRONGER. On Sunday morning, I was involved in a car accident with a 18-wheeler that nearly took my life. 2 broke wrist, a broken jaw, all type of fractures & wounds…but I’m still here. 🙏🏽 GOD has a plan for me! Keep me in your prayers as I heal mentally and physically!”

As soon as Foe got out of the hospital he headed straight for the studio and recorded his song “Recuperate.” Rhyming with his jaw wired shut, his work ethic was reminiscent of another Chicago-getter, Kanye West. “If you live the life that I’ve lived, and you go through life-threatening situations on a daily basis, you’d understand where I’m coming from,” Lud Foe explains. And others can definitely relate to Foe’s struggle.

“I had this little one boy send me in my DMs [a picture] with his whole hand blew off,” the rapper recalls. ‘He said I listen to your music and it makes me feel better.’ That’s deep right there, you feel me? That meant a whole lot to me. I damn near cried when I seen the shit. It made me feel good to know that I’m one of his coping skills that he use to cope with the situation, you feel me?”

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