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New Music: B.o.B – ‘Flatline’ Feat. Neil Tyson

B.o.B – ‘Flatline’ Feat. Neil Tyson By Amber B B.o.B is the latest celebrity to advocate for the “flat Earth theory” and has been expressing his thoughts on social media for last few days. But America’s chief celebrity physicist Neil deGrasse Tyson isn’t agreeing with it and even tweeted the rapper to school him on the earth’s curvature. This has inspired Bobby Ray to make a fresh song called ‘Flatline’ whi ...

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B.o.B Is Trying To Convince Everybody The World Is Flat

By HHE Editors Twitter There was a time it was assumed that the world was flat. Then Columbus and all the other explorers proved definitively that was not the case. Tonight on Twitter, B.o.B. decided to bring back the long dormant flat earth argument. The cities in the background are approx. 16miles apart… where is the curve ? please explain this pic.twitter.com/YCJVBdOWX7 — B.o.B (@bobatl) January 25, 2016 ...

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New Video: B.o.B – ‘Cold Bwoy’

B.o.B – ‘Cold Bwoy’ By Amber B B.o.B has most notably been talked about for some of his tweets as of late but his music is still popping. Today he liberates some visuals for the banger ‘Cold Bwoy’ which appeared on WATER. Watch below. Follow me: Getmybuzzup on Twitter | Getmybuzzup on Facebook | Getmybuzzup on Google+ | Getmybuzzup on Tumblr | Getmybuzzup on Linkedin | Getmybuzzup on Pinterest | Getmybuzzup ...

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Music News: B.o.B Announces New Project ‘F.I.R.E.’

B.o.B Announces New Project ‘F.I.R.E.’ By Amber B B.o.B is in a mood to release a lot of music for his fans. After dropping WATER last month featuring 8 new songs, he’s taken to Twitter to announce another new project titled F.I.R.E., the full form being “False Idols Ruined Egos”. It will be out on January 18. Follow me: Getmybuzzup on Twitter | Getmybuzzup on Facebook | Getmybuzzup on Google+ | Getmybuzzup ...

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