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Durt Boi: (@DurtBoiMix) Too Hot to Cool Off

Durt Boi is rapidly becoming the party boy of Memphis, Tennessee. His recent single, “Supa Soakar” has occupied clubs, made a reputable statement, and left a mark on the Memphis party scene. His “Supa Soakar” video has reached viral views and listens, featuring a hot and provoking house party that won’t cool you off regardless of the countless shower scenes. ...

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Conscious Toney: The Embodiment of Lyrical Boldness

By now you’ve all heard beats from the up and coming artist Conscious Toney. The young artist should definitely be given kudos for his lyrics. Toney’s music integrates classic with an element of funk that is rare to find in hip hop these days. Toney brings a certain intelligence to his lyrics which is very commendable considering his youthfulness. His range of references is very broad, from Socrates back to ...

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Supa Soaker Official Video Release – Durt Boi

Steadily catching notice as a hip hop artist, Durt Boi has impressed many a crowd with his emotive delivery performance style. Hailing from the tough streets of the Riverside community in South Memphis, Durt Boi has overcome many struggles and hardships--including serving in the United States Army--but these difficulties have merely shaped him as the artist he is today. ...

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Young Rapper Boldly Claims the World as His

You read that right, young artist Conscious Toney has claimed the world as his. Pompous? Maybe. But what the hell, aren’t boisterous and cocky self-proclamations the primary appeal of youth?   When it comes to Toney, he’s doing a lot more than talking however, he’s producing new singles and mixtapes left and right. And as you might have guessed from the title of this blog post, I’m particularly impress ...

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17 year old Jaz (@iamqueenjaz) is Bout That [Video]

Jaz started singing as early as 8 years old, when she performed at the school talent show. She was born into a family where music was the inseparable part of everyday life. When she is asked why she chose the name Jaz, another family story comes about her rich music background; “Dad” loves jazz and she was exposed from an early age to jazz legends like Myles Davis and Dave Coz. ...

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