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Young Rapper Boldly Claims the World as His

You read that right, young artist Conscious Toney has claimed the world as his. Pompous? Maybe. But what the hell, aren’t boisterous and cocky self-proclamations the primary appeal of youth?   When it comes to Toney, he’s doing a lot more than talking however, he’s producing new singles and mixtapes left and right. And as you might have guessed from the title of this blog post, I’m particularly impress ...

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17 year old Jaz (@iamqueenjaz) is Bout That [Video]

Jaz started singing as early as 8 years old, when she performed at the school talent show. She was born into a family where music was the inseparable part of everyday life. When she is asked why she chose the name Jaz, another family story comes about her rich music background; “Dad” loves jazz and she was exposed from an early age to jazz legends like Myles Davis and Dave Coz. ...

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Kendrick Lamar Calls Lil Wayne A “Legend”, Says What He Has Done For Hip-Hop Is “Phenomenal”

By Danny M Kendrick Lamar recently stopped by The Kidd Kraddick Morning Show for an interview. During their conversation, Kendrick called Lil Wayne a “legend” and also explained that what he has done for the hip-hop culture is “phenomenal”. As well as talking about Weezy F Baby, the Compton rapper also did his best Weezy impression. You can check it all out in the video below at the 2:15 mark! What are your ...

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[Hip Hop News] 2014 BET Hip-Hop Awards Cypher Lineup Announced

2014 BET Hip-Hop Awards Cypher Lineup Announced By Amber B The 2014 BET Hip-Hop Awards (peep the nominations here) are around the corner — airing on October 14th at 8 PM and one of the most awaited things to look forward each year is their cyphers. Today, the channel has released a list of the cypher participants which includes some big and some relatively new artists. ...

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