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Quan Speaks on What led to the Fall out with Nas [Interview]

By Jack Barnes Quan aka Don FerQuan speaks with Mikey T The Movie Star about all of the politics surrounding his 2.2 Million Dollar Deal with Nas and Atlantic Records after recording "Just a Moment" for the "Streets Disciple" Album ...Quan was asked by Nas to sign over 50% of his publishing for 7 Albums after having already made 220,000 off the initial signing.. Quan addresses this an more of went wrong wit ...

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Eastside Crackhead: I Confronted DMX for Not Knowing Who I Am

By djvlad During this exclusive clip, Queens rapper Eastside Crackhead recalls his dealings with fellow New York artists and Meek Mill. It was Meek who helped put Eastside on the map, but according to him, the Philly emcee hasn't been much of a help since. "He getting mad at Drake 'cause Drake ain't reposting his s***, but he ain't repost mines," says Eastside. ...read more ...

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