03 Greedo Thinks Kanye’s ‘Ye’ Album is ‘Garbage,’ Won’t Touch Slavery Comment (Part 8)

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03 Greedo spoke to VladTV about why he thinks Kanye’s new album Ye is “garbage,” and questions why the Chicago rapper always has an excuse for why Good Ass Job never dropped after Graduation. After saying that he’s a big fan of Kanye, 03 Greedo says that the songs have dropped off ever since Kanye dropped Yeezus, adding that he put more effort into his shoes than music now. 

During the conversation, 03 Greedo also spoke about getting shot and his leg shattering, and while he said it wasn’t the most painful thing, he explained that it was weird seeing his leg “loose like a titty.” To hear more about the situation, hit the above clip.

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Daylyt: Trippie Red Looks Unisex, Like Something That Crawled Out a Cabinet (Part 5)

Fri Jul 6 , 2018
Watch Part 6: https://goo.gl/JVkgfo Part 4: https://goo.gl/QPTtZM Part 1: https://goo.gl/VRtVAo ---------------------- Daylyt spoke to VladTV about being best friends with Jay Rock as kids and then getting pulled apart by their rival gangs, which Daylyt admitted was something that hurts him. He went on to speak about his upcoming battle with King Los and teases that he might "boo boo" on the stage for the third time in his career. Moving along, Daylyt shared how he went on tour with Lupe Fiasco as an opener, but admits that he didn't have any music and recorded his album while on the road. To hear more, including Daylyt's thoughts on Trippie Redd being "unisex," hit the above clip.
Daylyt: Trippie Red Looks Unisex, Like Something That Crawled Out a Cabinet (Part 5)