12 Rules The Kardashians MUST Follow On Social Media

The Kardashians are always making news, and most likely it has something to do with what they post on social media. And while these reality stars are doing their best to show how “real” they are with their constant posting, they have their very curated limits.

Like any good celeb knows, there are rules to follow when one becomes famous, and those rules must be strict when posting on social media. And while it does seem like the Kardashians can and do bounce back from any scandal, they have been able to keep their heads above water by living by these strict social media guidelines.

Take a look at this video that will explain all one needs to know about how the Kardashians keep up with themselves on socials. Find out what rules any life partners, husbands and friends have to follow when hanging with the Kardashians. Discover what their kids are like on the socials, and if they are even allowed to be on it. Know why you’ve never seen a drunk Khloe on the late-night Insta-live, or a non-photoshopped Khloe for that matter. Learn how Kim and the other sisters make money off their socials… and each other. Find out all the security that goes into being a Kardashian and owning a phone.

Discover if they have social media managers. How honest do the Kardashians have to be about the products they promote and learn who needs to sign an NDA to take a pic of the ladies? Find out all the hot social media deets and more when you watch all the rules the Kardashians must follow on social media. And if you still cannot get enough of the royal family of reality TV check out The Things Celeb for all your Kardashian cravings.

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00:00 Intro
00:23 NDA’S
00:57 Hair and Makeup
01:36 Personal Matters
02:12 No Smiling
02:52 Twitter Feuds
03:31 Sibling Payouts
04:06 Phone security
04:46 Truth in Ads
05:23 They Have To Be On The Socials
05:52 Partners Phones On Lock and Key
06:18 Social Media Managers
07:01 The Kids Get in the Game
07:52 Outro

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Written by: Alessandra Vite
Narrated by: Blake Tamble
Edited by: StevenSune

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