15 Celebrities With Strange Hidden Talents

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We often only appreciate the talents our favorite celebrities are famous for, like acting, or singing or just being famous. But just like everybody else, celebs have hidden talents that may seem strange at first glance but are quite fascinating. Even the celebs we think aren’t talented have some things hidden up their sleeves ready to pull out when necessary. Either way, we think these hidden talents are worth showing off at a party, on the red carpet or even at the dentist’s office.
Eating ice cream the conventional way is just too boring for Zendaya who prefers to bite hers, and much like her strong teeth Hailey Bieber can use hers to crack open a bottle, not bottle opener necessary. If you find yourself with a cavity but aren’t sure, you can call on Kim K to use her hidden talent to sniff it out for you.
These talents may seem strange but, consider how useful it would be in life to have the talent of folding a fitted sheet like Lupita Nyong’o or flying a plane like Angelina Jolie. Not all talents are completely useless, but not all of them can be used every day. Some hidden talents are there just to entertain and amaze us, like Cara Delevingne playing a guitar behind her head.
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00:00 Intro
00:27 Zendaya’s teeth are stronger than Thor’s hammer
01:10 Kim Kardashian has a sensitive nose for dental hygiene
01:51 Hailey Bieber’s party trick got her the ring
02:23 Kendall Jenner is the next Karate Kid
03:06 Zendaya’s ears can Shake It Up too
03:39 Rise and Shine will never be the same again, thanks Kylie
04:33 What goes up must come down into Selena’s mouth
05:16 Timothee Chalamet’s resume doesn’t lie
05:56 Kendall Jenner takes tweeting to another level
06:33 Gal Gadot’s got hula moves
07:14 Justin Bieber Rubik’s Cube Game Never Fails
07:57 Cara Delevingne’s backwards musical talent
08:38 Need a pilot? Angelina Jolie’s got it!
09:24 Will Smith’s hands are talented for some other reasons
10:04 Folding a fitted sheet takes a lot of talent
10:42 Outro

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Written by: Elizabeth Oloidi
Narrated by: LanessaVO
Edited by: Steven Suñe

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