15 Strict Rules Celebrity Kids Have To Follow

Being a parent is hard but being a celebrity parent comes with its own set of challenges and rules. For example, Kim K and Ye’s kids are not allowed out of the house in any old thing; their kids must be dressed stylishly and up to date. Meanwhile, Beyonce’s children go nowhere without a full motorcade. Cardi B’s daughter Kulture is not allowed sleepovers and Kourtney Kardashians kids are not allowed microwaved food, just stove top and oven for this family. Did we mention that Kourtney’s also keeping her kids’ skin young by using silk pillow cases? Meghan Fox has a ban on TV and internet and among the real tough rules, there’s Kristin Bell who doesn’t allow her daughter, Delta, outside her room past bedtime by locking her in. And in Jessica Alba’s house, when you’ve done something wrong, you face the wall and think about your actions. Kylie meanwhile has a firm rule for visitors to her kids: masks on or get out! And Gwyneth Paltrow doesn’t allow her kids any high-carb foods or gluten. Julia Roberts keeps it more sensible by limiting snack and junk food and Gigi Hadid and Zayne Malik are taking care to teach their daughter all about her heritage.

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00:00 Intro
00:34 Kim K’s Trendy Dress Code
01:17 No Sleepovers for Kulture
02:04 Meghan Fox’s No Internet or TV Rule
02:45 Beyonce’s Motorcade for Kids
03:15 Gigi’s Multi-Cultural Convos
04:02 No Microwaves at Kourtney’s Place
04:44 J. Lo’s Homework before Technology Rule
05:12 Masked-Visitors Only at Kylie’s House
05:48 Kourtney’s Silk Pillowcases
06:28 No Tablets for the Royal Kids
07:00 Kristen Bell’s Bedtime Lock-in
07:25 No High-Carb food for Gwenyth Peltrow’s Kids
08:03 Jessica Alba’s Punishment Practice
08:35 Julia Roberts’ No Junk Food Rule
09:05 Kate Winslet’s Strict Bedtime for Kid

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Written by: Lori Barkin
Narrated by: Lori Barkin
Edited by: Ajay Danny

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