4 Fundamentals of Hitting Baseballs with the Best Baseball Bat

Hitting a baseball is generally a lot harder to do than many other sports can say. Yes, catching a ball isn’t always easy either, nor is pitching, but hitting a small object flying at you at above 50 miles an hour and swinging to hit it isn’t easy either. The older you get, the more you can lose flexibility in your swing, and the harder it is. Not only this but as you get older, pitchers who have been perfecting their throw get better and can throw the ball faster and faster. By the time you’re in the major leagues, the pitchers can throw the balls up to 100 miles per hour (some of them even higher than that) as reported by this site. Hopefully, this guide can help you combat against that.

Stance is Everything

Your feet positioning has a lot to do with your swing, from adjusting your balance from start to finish, as well as being able to have enough momentum to successfully follow through with your swing. You should have a comfortable stance, with your legs about an arm’s length from the other side of home base. The “batting box” that is painted there is a perfect spot to make sure your stance is right. Hold the bat out, and see if your bat goes into the other side of the box. You don’t want it to go all the way over, but just enough so you can cover the whole home base.

Using your feet, you have to use your core strength and balance similar to that of swinging an axe or a sword in a horizontal chop. Make sure that your feet are just outside of your shoulders for an optimum sideways stance, and rotate properly while pivoting your feet.

Knowing Hand Placement

Hand placement helps a lot. Don’t extend more than you need to. Keep your elbows bent at approximately the same angle as you started your stance. By doing so, you won’t end up wasting your energy or overextending your swing, which will help you hit harder and better. You have a higher success of hitting the “sweet spot” on the bat this way as well.

Eyes on the Ball

Always keep your head generally still and keep your eyes on the ball. By doing so, you can better plan and predict where the ball will be, and use your practice experience to apply the swing to the right spot so you can connect the ball. You will also be able to ensure that you’re not going to swing at a ball that’s outside of the strike zone and miss or hit a foul ball (which will result in a strike). If you keep an eye on the ball when you’re getting ready to swing, and by utilizing proper swinging techniques, you can also stop the bat in the first third of your swing, and avoid getting a strike if the ball itself is outside of the strike zone, which will result in a ball for you.

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4 Fundamentals of Hitting Baseballs with the Best Baseball Bat

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