5 Best Flos Lighting For your Dream Home

Light is considered as very auspicious in all the cultures, it is believed that it abolish the darkness from our life. Even a small light is sufficient to make a room enlighten. In the path of modification of that lighting concept, we have surpassed many evolutions. And one of the names which witness the modern lighting is Flos Lighting. Every lighting is unique from one another that marks how creative and customizable Flos lighting is. You can visit the official site of Flos lighting at floslamper.dk which is the ultimate technique to make your room feel like heaven.

Primarily Flos lighting comes up with many forms of lighting such as small decorated bulbs, lamps, chandeliers, pendants and many more. So just take a peek on some lighting option that you can also use to make your home look attractive:

  • Table Lights: Small, modernized and customizable lighting solution that will make your table, as well as your drawing room, look more sophisticated. There are some designs called Goku, IC lights Tables, Bellhop, etc that can help you rotate your drawing room’s look by a proper 360 Degrees.


  • Wall/ Ceiling Lights: Nowadays, in Indian metro cities, this concept of lighting is getting accepted very much because it changes the whole ambiance of the room by just a few lighting designs. Some of the design’s name are La Plus Belle, 265, Wirering and many more. They have made each design so marvelously that you got confused about what to choose and which will suit my home’s décor.


  • Floor Lighting: The new entry in the world of lighting is floor lighting, it is believed previously that lighting suits beautifully only to ceilings, table, etc. but this myth has been busted and Flos lighting have introduced some of the designs to make you believe that floor lighting can also add up to your décor. Let’s get to know about some sample designs, which are Sawaru, Noctambule floor cylinder, Toio, etc.


  • Suspension Lights: These are beautifully concepted lighting solution which mainly comes in shapes of cylinder or circle but again these are customizable and total depends on your choices. It generally suits hanging in small halls that will make you remember Flos lighting every moment. Some selected designs of these lights are arrangements, aim, Noctambule suspension cylinder.


  • Lamp Lights: Classic lamp lights if mixed with Italian work will make you a complete person in perspective of lighting. We Indians do have a lamp lights to make our bedrooms beautiful. So Flos lighting has come up with numerous lamp lights designs which will make you mesmerized by its beauty.


The Flos lighting is basically founded in Italy in the year 1962, they come up with a fabulous range of lamp lighting solution that becomes a necessity for almost all Italian citizen. Flos has marked their importance in the field of lighting because they came up with a very standardized range of very high-quality lighting products and won many awards in several interior designing meets. The behind story of Flos depend upon a cocoon, the collaboration of Castiglioni brothers and Tobia has to lead to the first development of a cocoon table lamp taking a cocoon as their inspiration. So if you love lights in both your home and lights then the ultimate solution to this is for sure the Flos Lighting. So just visit the site and get more detailed knowledge about the company as well as the products they offers. You can visit the Flos Lighting store available in different cities in India which are ready to serve you the best they can.

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5 Best Flos Lighting For your Dream Home

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