5 Places to Visit in Sicily


Sicily is a unique island in Italy. This Mediterranean place is also called “toe of Italy’s boot”. It has many monuments, historical buildings, establishments, and ruins to store the previous glorious victories of bold Roman rulers who were dynamic to control the administration long way back in Italy. The best five places in Sicily are popular to lure international tourists. See the elegance of Doric type Greek shrines, and many small but classic Byzantine mosaics in the best royal chapels like Cappella Palatina. Localliving.dk gives an effective guide and provide holiday home in rent to the traveler for improving their vacation trip to Sicily. To have more updates about the holiday house in Sicily, you have to visit this classic website online.

  • Taormina- Known for Monuments, Temples and Heritage Establishments

Taormina is one of the eye-catching tourist spots in Italy. It is situated 250 ft above the coastal line of the sea. It is located between Catania and Messina. It was created way back to 4th century. Here, you will find exotic monuments and marvelous Greek Theater. Learn about wonderful contributions of Isola Bella and Mazzarò and Giardini Naxos. Taormina copes with top international tourist spots.

  • Syracuse and Ortigia Island

Siracusa is a gorgeous town which lies on the southeast region of the main island. There are two parts of Siracusa such as Ortigia island and Siracusa. Through a short smooth footbridge, one can travel to the main town. To top it all, people are enchanted to see many showpieces like monuments and temples. Roaming down through the medieval bi-lanes, you must feel the presence of dynamic driving force. The luster and charm hidden in the island will give you the stamina to proceed for discovery.

  • Lampedusa and Rabbit Beach – Pelagie Islands

Lampedusa is the largest section of the Pelagie archipelago containing Linosa, and small islets like Lampione. Spiaggia dei Conigli is the best beach for outdoor sports activities and entertainment. Cool white sand with the fall of the evening becomes majestic for romantic lovers.  In addition, the tiny dried seabed adjacent to the beach stuns young sweethearts. Turtles like to incubate their eggs in nests on the sand dunes. So, children must be excited to encounter such cute turtles at this beach.

  • Val di Noto – Adventure and Thrill Hovering

Val di Noto is not a single town but it is a conglomerate site containing Modica, Noto, Palazzolo, Ragusa Scicli, Caltagirone and Militello Val di Catania. The UNESCO World Heritage Site has taken this place for reconstruction. It is world class heritage town and therefore people are seen making stays in Val di Noto. Italian culinary is charming. Have the wonderful tasty local dishes which are nutritious as well. Besides, wine is qualitative to make life dazzling. Local people are modest and they always accept newcomers with smiling faces.  Mix with them to identify the local culture and heritage in Val di Noto.

  • Aeolian Islands- Attractive to Tourists

The vastness of Tyrrhenian sea in the north of Sicily encircles the Aeolian Islands. Besides, Lipari, Salina, Panarea, and Basiluzzo must be awesome destinations for you.  The active volcano never hides its anger. Often it explodes to spray fume and golden liquid to burn the surrounding. The small craters of Stromboli and Vulcano must not be missed. When night prevails, the whole island becomes mysterious.  There are many local functions and social entertainment events which are hosted in the Aeolian Islands.

Sicily undergoes more upgrade and modifications. Italian government tries to make Sicily more presentable by decorating and reconstructing old buildings. Still, this island must be appreciated for the wonderful archipelago, monuments, and neo-classic infrastructures.

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5 Places to Visit in Sicily

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