6 Memorable Moments from Young and The Restless

Young and The Restless

Young and The Restless

By Jack Barnes

One of the main reasons Young and Restless is one of the longest running daily shows is that it never fails to keep its viewers entertained. If you are a true fan of the show then you probably are aware of some amazing moments that kept us all hooked to the television.  There are many memorable moments on the show and it is difficult to limit ourselves to a limited few but we still tried our best to condense those infinite moments to the top six. So without any further delay, let us revisit some of the most memorable moments from this fabulous show and fall in love with its beautiful cast and storyline once again.

  1. The Long-Awaited Reunion of Ashley And Victor in Paris

We all know how this played out and the events before this historic moment kept all us at the edge of our seats. Victor was left emotionally distraught after the death of his wife Sabrina and therefore fled to Mexico. Nobody could find him for a long time and therefore Nikki decided to seek Ashley’s help as a last resort. When Victor was finally discovered in Paris, it was Ashely who took the initiative to go after Victor and convince him to return. The moment when they finally meet in Paris is captured so beautifully and so are the moments after this event.

  1. The Start of Jack and Victor’s Rivalry

The rivalry between Jack and Victor has been one of the central themes of the story but have you ever wondered what the real reason behind the same was. They are rivals when it comes to the professional world and are always each other’s bitterest enemies. But did you know their saga of revenge has its roots in their personal history. It all started when Nikki and Jack got married and were trying to have a child but unfortunately this was not meant to be. Nikki already had gone through two miscarriages as time flew and things got even sadder when she suffered a third miscarriage while having an argument with Victor. This is touted as the main reason why Jack hates Victor so much.

  1. Victor’s Heart Transplant

The death of Brad’s daughter was heart breaking for many of us and the events leading to this event was even sadder. She was a victim of Jack’s rivalry with Victor who decided to take revenge for his goddaughter’s death. After Colleen’s kidnapping and her eventual drowning, she was bought to the hospital only to pronounced brain dead. Her mother Traci made the tough decision to give her heart to a man that was in need of a heart’s transplant. This man was none other than Victor who had suffered a heart attack across Genoa City. If you are an ardent follower of young and the restless spoilers then you probably saw this coming.

  1. Nikki And Victor’s First Wedding

Young and The Restless would be incomplete without the iconic pair of Nikki and Victor. Their frequent breakups to their many make ups, it is always an exciting moment to see them come together. Therefore our list would be incomplete without the mention of their first wedding which was attended by the all the prominent people of Genoa City.

  1. Jack Almost Leaves Victor to Die

1990’s was a time when Victor and Jack rivalry was at its peak. The defining moment came when Victor suddenly collapsed while having an argument with Jack. The latter chose to walk away, leaving Victor gasping to catch his breath. When we all thought it was over for Victor, Jack chose to return and save his nemesis shortly after.

  1. Cassie’s Death

This was one of the saddest parts of the show and even today remains one of the most heart wrenching moments ever in Young and The Restless. Cassie was in a car accident and passed away when she was rushed to the hospital. She was surrounded by her parents. Her last moments and her conversation with them are forever etched in our minds.

These were the six iconic moments from the show and we are aware that we left many out many important moments out as Young and The Restless has many memorable events. We had to limit ourselves to the six most defining ones but you feel free and do leave us a comment to let us know your memorable moment from The Young and The Restless.

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