6 Reasons to Buy An iPad


By Jack Barnes

The iPad, as we know it, was first introduced by Apple Inc. on 3rd April 2010 and gained popularity within months. Apple describes the iPad to be “Like a Computer, Unlike Any Computer” which is true, because the iPad does everything that your normal PC can do and does it better. It’s fast, reliable and super light. If you’re thinking about getting an iPad, there are many reasons why this is a very good choice:

  1. Security

The iPad is one of the most secure devices out there. Most viruses enter your computer through apps. However, on Apple’s iPad, you get your apps via the App Store, where they are checked individually by Apple. It is rare for bugs to enter the iPad’s system, as there is adequate security built around them. The iPad also has a “Find my iPad” feature, which can send you the location of your iPad in case you lose it. To restrict access, you can set a fingerprint lock, which you won’t find on a PC.

  1. Child – Friendliness

It is commonly known that touch screens are more kid-friendly than keyboards. In addition to this, the iPad also has a feature with which you can block access to a number of applications, movies, games, etc. This sets it apart from all other devices of its kind. When you resume using your iPad, a simple tap is all it takes to unblock the content. Educational apps such as Khan Academy are also available for a cheaper price.

  1. Performance

The iPad Pro has a processor which is about the same as an Intel i5, one of Intel’s mid – range processors. However, this makes the iPad better than a basic laptop or desktop. Given the fact that the iOS has a smaller footprint than a Windows or Mac OS, the devices seem much faster too! Most performance issues on the iPad are caused by human error, as a report by Apple showed, but bugs on the iPad can be resolved with a simple reboot. The iPad does not allow apps to start when it is booting, reducing the risk of system crashes.

  1. Value for Money

iPads cost more or less the same as an average PC. However, if you wish to do tasks on your PC, like surfing the web, writing a document or making a presentation, you will need to purchase an additional software for it. With the iPad, you need not worry about such additional purchases. It comes with an inbuilt iWork suite, which lets you create professional documents, using Pages, Numbers and Keynotes. Tired of working? There’s always an iLife suite for entertainment right there on your iPad! You can check out more in the following link: http://www.ithingum.com/

  1. Gaming and Camera

Unless you’re a serious gamer, you may not want to purchase a dedicated PC that costs you a fortune. The iPad, with graphics comparable to that of an XBox 360, is a good choice when you want to play games casually. The most expensive games available for purchase can have a price tag of $10 but are often cheaper than $5. The iPad also has a 12MP back camera and an 8MP front camera, which can take great pictures. With tons of editing apps out there, you can customize your photos right on your device.

  1. Mobility

It’s easy to carry around your iPad. While laptops are also mobile, they tend to lose their battery backup capacities over a period of time. This is not the case when it comes to the iPad, because they have a standard battery backup of around 10 hours, though this may reduce with constant usage. iPads also take up very little space and are extremely light, which makes them easier to use.


This is our list of 6 reasons why you should consider buying an iPad. If you need something quick and versatile, the iPad is certainly worth your money, and when you begin using it, it’ll be worth your time too!

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6 Reasons to Buy An iPad

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