6ix9ine calls Trippie Redd a hypocrite for Doing a song with Tadoe called ‘I KILL PEOPLE’.

6ix9ine calls Trippie Redd a hypocrite for Doing a song with Tadoe called 'I KILL PEOPLE'.

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28 responses to “6ix9ine calls Trippie Redd a hypocrite for Doing a song with Tadoe called ‘I KILL PEOPLE’.”

  1. They both some goofys, if I'm gangbanging and I got beef, we shooting it out or we can shoot the fade. They being hella talkative over some bullshit that shoulda been long gone forgotten

  2. Nigga talk about something else. You riding bitch9 dick too hard

  3. These so called rappers are fucking clowns 😂

  4. Trippie you need a life…now you chilling with women beatas…boi you need attention! Smh

  5. the nigga in the beginning didn’t even know the words to the song he just made it to clout up😂😂😂

  6. Song sounds fire asf tho

  7. fuck all you faggot ass millennials

  8. explain how this weirdo faggot shit is cool.

  9. Bruh!!!!!! 6 out of 9 stories is about Tekashi. Tekashi paying u ain't he

  10. When u gone cover some new niggas

  11. Tbh all y'all late. Tadeo has been known for a women beater he beat up a girl in the mall infront of everybody its not nothing new.

  12. wow sad to see hitting on girls is cool nowadays smh

  13. I’m tired of this shit none of them can’t fight probably tadoe but if ya doin this rara on social media just link a settle it how about ya do that instead of just internet beef that’s all it is if it’s real beef ya would’ve linked already

  14. Nba youngboy beat his girl all da time
    Famous dex beat a girl
    21 savage beat females
    Hella niggas beat women
    In the hood bitches get hit too
    It's really tru

  15. 6ix9ine hair colors represent the infinity stones lol

  16. 6ix9ine is just mad because he sucks

  17. russ took an L for this

  18. someones getting shot in the next few months lol, its like tupac and biggie but its actually just 2 retarded 18year olds lmao

  19. Since when in hip hop start giving a fck bout women rights

  20. AK quit dick riding 6ix9ine 😬

  21. TRIPPIE IS A PIECE OF SHIIIIIITTTTTTT. I’m done w him. I’m not supporting him any more.

  22. tripe redd is kevin durant

  23. how do i get ahold of you !!?? 💯💯💯💯💯

  24. Akademiks riding Lil 69 Nuts hard😂😂

  25. Bruh trippie > 69 period stop reaching just to bash trippie like come on now ur calling him a hypocrite…yall some fucking children 69 aint got no space to talk when in an interview about a year ago, he said he isnt a blood or krip he just fucks with both. So stfu with all that Hypocrite shit.

  26. no jumper a huge fag

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