6ix9ine calls Trippie Redd a hypocrite for Doing a song with Tadoe called ‘I KILL PEOPLE’.


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28 thoughts on “6ix9ine calls Trippie Redd a hypocrite for Doing a song with Tadoe called ‘I KILL PEOPLE’.

  1. They both some goofys, if I'm gangbanging and I got beef, we shooting it out or we can shoot the fade. They being hella talkative over some bullshit that shoulda been long gone forgotten

  2. Tbh all y'all late. Tadeo has been known for a women beater he beat up a girl in the mall infront of everybody its not nothing new.

  3. I’m tired of this shit none of them can’t fight probably tadoe but if ya doin this rara on social media just link a settle it how about ya do that instead of just internet beef that’s all it is if it’s real beef ya would’ve linked already

  4. someones getting shot in the next few months lol, its like tupac and biggie but its actually just 2 retarded 18year olds lmao

  5. Bruh trippie > 69 period stop reaching just to bash trippie like come on now ur calling him a hypocrite…yall some fucking children 69 aint got no space to talk when in an interview about a year ago, he said he isnt a blood or krip he just fucks with both. So stfu with all that Hypocrite shit.

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