7 Essential things to pack for Japan

The fact is that packing is inevitable the hardest thing to do when you are traveling. There are some of the things that almost every traveler has in mind which we wouldn’t want to miss on a trip to another country. However, several other things may not cross our minds especially when we are in a rush. This is the point in time when you need external help in determining which is essential and which is not especially when you are traveling to Japan. In this short article, we are going to check some of the most essential things that you wouldn’t miss on your trip to Japan.


Most of the people would never remind you of your rolex submariner blue watch while you are traveling abroad but the fact is that you need a watch for your next trip to Japan. Even when you think that you are going to spend some time in a swimming pool or a beach, your Rolex watch will always be a good partner. You want to keep track of the time you are spending on each place and the time you needed to be home. When you are checking for the best watch, you have to be getting a good watch that is water resistant. Some other watches have just the sort of dual-functionality and GPS tracking logs which makes them the best partners when you are traveling abroad.

Shoes those are easy to take off

One thing that you cannot underestimate is how comfortable the shoes that you are going for are. When you are traveling to Japan, you need comfortable shoes to walk in. It doesn’t matter whether you are visiting a scenic place in Kyoto or just paying a visit to bustling Tokyo, the kind of shoes you get will determine the experience you get here.

When you are going for any specific shoe type, you should at all times consider shoes that are easy to remove. The fact is that there are several tourist destinations in Japan that usually require you to take off your shoes before you get in. When you are visiting some restaurants, temples and Japanese inns, you may be required to take off your shoes. What this means is that you don’t have to choose a shoe that will give you a hard time taking off time to time.


I bet you already have a laptop or a Smartphone that you cannot leave behind when you are visiting Japan. You don’t want to be caught up with low batteries while you are at the comfort of your room or even in Bars. You also don’t want to incur more costs and waste time shopping for another charger. So, just carry your Smartphone or laptop charger with you.


Are you on any medication? If yes, then make sure that you are traveling with your medication wherever you go. This doesn’t mean that similar medications are not available in Japan but you don’t have to waste an entire day on a hospital getting the same medication that you left behind. Why go through all that hustle and headaches of getting the same prescription medication while you could just bring them along with you.

Just check to see whether you can bring the specific medication you have with you to Japan. The fact is that each country has some restrictions on the type of medications that can cross their borders. If for any case you have to leave your medication and look for them when you arrive, then be sure you know these two Japanese words: ya-kyo-ku=drugstore and Ku-su-ri=medication. If you have other specific medications, why don’t you use your Smartphone to interpret?

Japan Local Public Transport Card

This is the other very useful item that you shouldn’t miss in any way. You should consider buying it immediately you arrive in Japan. They are just cards that work for intra city travels especially on most of the Ferries, Busses, and trams. If they don’t have any funds, you can easily top up in a rail station. Most of the machines have an English language option and hence you can do it on your own. Consider some major options such as Suica Cards, ICOCA Card and Pasmo card.

Nice Day bag and warm pajamas

This is very obvious, you need a day bag while you are traveling to any place in the world. This is a good partner especially when you are looking for a good alternative to carry things that you will need on a day. For a place like Japan, It is really important to have a day bag that looks really nice. However, get a bag that can be able to hold things that you will need for the day, water, camera and many more.

On the other hand, you should already know that most places in Japan don’t have specific heating. Some have traditional architecture and hence you need some warm clothing for the day. The main reason for this is that it can get really cold at night but if you have a pair of Pajamas, you can really stay comfortable.

Universal Power adapter

There’s a huge difference between the US-Style two prolonged cords and the ones in Japan. This means that you can have a hard time trying to match them. The reality of the matter is that any device that you bring with you that require three prongs such as a laptop or a phone charger will not work. For this reason, why don’t you bring a universal adapter to avoid some hustle and stress?

The above are just some of the things that you need to pack when you are traveling to Japan. There are several others that I will assume you already know it’s obviously a necessity when you are traveling. You can get your lipstick, comfortable cute clothing, stylish raincoat, VPN, Travel towel, Passport Pouch, deodorant wipes, cotton scarf, solid shampoo and many more.

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7 Essential things to pack for Japan

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