7 Tips to Staying Clean and Sober

As soon as you decide to become sober, pat yourself for the right decision taken and keep it in your mind that you have to go through a lot of hardships that requires you to have strong will power, but your world will change for the better. You can resort to smart steps right from overcoming addiction, staying sober to avoiding relapse, and here are few of them. If you’ve decided to do it, do it in the best way possible.

  1. Assess Yourself

It is very important that you know where you stand, your weaknesses like friends who are into addiction, your strengths like a supportive friend or strong hobby, need for professional help. If you don’t need professional help or are in the recovery period, assessing yourself will help you in devising a plan for self-improvement, having customized adjustments suiting your own condition.


  1. Professional Help

Generally, people realize that they need to get sober only after they have become dependent on the substance that’s why professional help becomes necessary for most people. According to one’s situation, choose between inpatient or outpatient programs or maybe just an advisor for moral support. Young people are more prone to addiction, prevent and cure it at an early stage with adolescent intensive outpatient programs.


  1. Get Busy

Feelings of loneliness, anxiety, anger makes one turn to drugs for comfort causing a possible relapse. That should be avoided at any cost, try to stay away from situations that give you those feelings by being involved in activities that keep you busy. Getting a job goes a long way because, besides keeping you busy, it makes you financially independent which will help uplift your mental health.


  1. Eat Healthy

Addiction can bring major physical changes in your body, like reduced immunity and metabolism, baldness, organ dysfunction, possible cancer etc. and all of them make you unhealthy and prone to various diseases. So start working on your diet, eat healthy foods and juice that helps you detox your body and restore your health. You’ll notice the changes like the glow on your face, increased appetite, better stamina etc.


  1. Start Working Out

Getting physically active is one of the best ways to stay sober and tackle drug abuse. Working out will give you two benefits, first, it will help you stay away from the drugs by keeping you busy and second, it’ll restore your health and fitness. Working out and eating healthy accelerates your recovery process and you’ll be able to see changes in yourself, inside out. Start small by running a few miles every day.


  1. Friends and Family

The positive effect that companionship brings cannot be replaced with anything else. Make your friends and family your strength, who will be more than happy to help you through this tough battle. Make your relationships strong and meaningful, spend time with your favorite mates or people on the same journey as you, talk to them about how you feel and do things with them that makes you happy.


  1. Pursue A Hobby

What were the activities that used to make you happy? Start doing it again. If there wasn’t anything important then it’s never too late to find one. There are a lot of satisfying activities like music, art, writing, cooking, games and sports, gardening or even off-track activities like hanging out on hoverboards, cycling etc. Find a hobby that makes you happy and do it on a regular basis, you’ll notice how it brings happiness from within and helps you achieve mental stability.


This journey that you’ll undertake will be a life turning event for you, it won’t be an easy one but definitely be rewarding. With the right assessment and smart steps like the ones discussed above, you will surely win over addiction. So, start loving yourself again and live your life to the fullest.

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7 Tips to Staying Clean and Sober

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