A Bit On Relationships: Hannah Elizabeth’s “No Good”

What happens when a relationship ends? How can some people be so heartless at the very end when at that very moment they are needed the most? Hannah Elizabeth sheds light on this very phenomenon with her music video “No Good.” It is more than a music video, it is a clear visual depiction of the primary reasons we, as humans, partners, and lovers need closure, answers to our questions, detailed explanations of what went wrong when ending a relationship.


Hannah’s clear, soulful, and outstanding voice also has a very notable effect in exerting the pain, sadness, despair, and loss of self as relationships end. I hope that those that do watch this video, do not just take it as a sexy and hot video with a chick in the rain, but to take note, and begin to understand the impact a break up can have on the person you once loved, and try to give them the answers, time, and support they need. Great job The Artist Refinery!


Author: Guest Author

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