A-Rod Opens Up on the Highs & Lows of his Career to Becoming a Business Mogul | The Pivot Podcast

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Alex Rodriguez joins The Pivot in a revealing and emotional tell-all conversation from growing up to baseball to business to personal relationships and how it impacted the man he is today.

The 14x All Star welcomes Ryan, Channing and Fred to his business headquarters in south Florida where a rare and unguarded ARod shares his experiences and the lessons he’s learned along the way.

“Such a humiliating time in my life…I was too much of a narcissist to think about taking my life, but that’s just because I was so damn arrogant,” Alex opens up about his PED suspension.

Not holding back, Alex breaks down the pain he felt during his suspension and the amount of work he had to do mentally to return to baseball and getting his life back on track. Admittingly, he reveals how the person he was pre suspension is a version of himself he didn’t like. Championing his time in therapy and how it saved his life, Alex talks about the dark times and hitting rock bottom. Sharing his personal story, in a heartfelt plea, he reminds anyone listening to this conversation who may be going through rough times to never give up because if he gave up, he wouldn’t be sitting here today.

Reverting back to his childhood and growing up with his mom and siblings, Alex explains how his roots were developed and the simple things he learned as a child are the same core values he applies in his everyday adult life. Focusing on generational wealth and using his mom and family as motivation, the All Star turned Business Mogul shares how he took a little bit of money and built an empire in his life after baseball. From real estate investment, to technology to owning a NBA team- Alex describes the journey and his mentors along the way, including Magic Johnson, Warren Buffett and business partner Marc Lore, who helped provide a blueprint in business.

Turning the focus to family and being a girl dad, Ryan relates to some of the struggles they face walking the line between being a “cool dad” but also a protective one. Alex jokes that his family is very 2022 when he describes how he co-parents with ex-wife Cynthia and her husband while raising their girls together and doing joint family trips. Channing jokingly refers to himself and ARod as dimes and talks to Miami’s most eligible bachelor about relationships and what it’s like to be Alex Rodriguez trying to date.

Channing goes on to address the rumor of Alex having a reputation of being a bad teammate- the guys ask him about playing with Derek Jeter and if any animosity ever existed between the two iconic Yankee teammates.

As the conversation is wrapping…the guys are joined by a special guest when Floyd Mayweather drops by and sits down to talk with the guys.

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