Aaron & Sanya Ross: 2 Champions, College Sweethearts Talk Love, RHOA & Parenting | The Pivot Podcast

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Super Bowl Champion and 4x Olympic Gold medalist, who just happen to share the same last name, join The Pivot for our first ever couple to be on the show! That’s right, Aaron Ross and Sonya Richards-Ross sit down with Ryan, Channing and Fred for a conversation filled with impactful moments of each’s storied athletic career, highs and lows of their 19 year relationship and life now as parents finding their way into new passions.

Sanya courageously opens up about her personal struggles on way to chasing gold at Beijing and shares how difficult the decision of having an abortion 2 weeks before the Olympic Games was on her and now husband Aaron. In an emotional statement, Sanya explains how the moment never gets easier to talk about but how she was able to find peace in the situation and alleviate blaming herself after missing Gold in an event that was supposed to be a lock for her. Dealing with the aftermath took a toll, but Sanya shares how she found comfort in her relationship and grace in winning gold again.

Channing states how Sanya is the most successful athlete in the room and accomplished the most out of all of them and he raises the financial question if that was ever an issue in how little she made compared to her husband. Sanya and Aaron both laugh and say it was actually the opposite in college when Aaron called his then girlfriend his sugar mama!

Reminiscing about the first time meeting Sanya in college, Aaron tells the guys how watching his wife work so hard at her sport at an early age motivated him to want to be the best at his. The first round NFL pick went on to win two Super Bowls with the NY Giants and both credit each other with finding the ultimate success in their passions.

Aaron and Sanya discuss how becoming parents was a major transition in their lives as they both retired from their respective sports and adjusted to being together more and calling a new city home. Life with out football found Aaron in a two year rut where he can now look back and say he was in a depression but didn’t know it while he was experiencing it. Currently, Sanya is part of the Real Housewives of Atlanta series that is airing now and the two talk about how they have embraced the show and found a way to become closer through it.

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