Accent Expert Breaks Down Language Pet Peeves | WIRED

For all intensive purposes, dialect coach Erik Singer is literally an expert when it comes to language. So, who better to curve our hunger for knowledge than him and his colleague, fellow dialect coach Eliza Simpson. Erik and Eliza break down some of the most common pet peeves we associate with language; some so common we often take them for granite.
Vocal cord imagery courtesy of Jan G. Svec

Videokymographic images of the three voice registers taken from the study “Svec, J. G. (2004). Research journey: chest-falsetto discontinuity and videokymography. In H. K. Schutte, S. Poppema, & E. te Bos (Eds.), Physiology and Acoustics of Singing (PAS), 3-5 October, 2002, Groningen, the Netherlands (CD-ROM). Groningen, the Netherlands: Groningen Voice Research Lab (”, courtesy of Jan G. Svec, Palacky University, Olomouc, Czechia.

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Accent Expert Breaks Down Language Pet Peeves | WIRED

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