Air-con service in Singapore

With the sun yelling a heat of average 35 degree Celsius, air conditioners have become a must to survive summers in Singapore. In order to enjoy the benefits of an air conditioner, it is necessary to take good care of it. Frequent servicing and regular check-up are the requisites to keep your air conditioner in a well to do condition. Now, the question arises, how do you rely on the service provider? What are the things you must search for in your service provider?

Following are the things you must lookup for before availing and falling back on your air-con service provider.

1. Pocket-Friendly

Air-con services can be a huge burden on your pocket if you fail to choose the right-center. Depending on the usability of an air conditioner, it is necessary to make sure that your A.C is serviced thoroughly at regular intervals.


2. Punctuality of Service

With the temperature rising up gradually air conditioners have become a daily need. To be able to keep your air conditioner in a maintained condition, it is necessary to look after the intervals of service done to your machine. A service provider with a lack of punctuality must not be sought for.


3. Trained and Friendly Staffs

Another important requisite to look for in Aircon services is the behavior of its staffs. Being a layman it is definitely not possible for a person to know the ongoings of a machine. Friendly and trained staffs would enable the customer to know about the happenings of the air conditioner. Failing to be handled by an untrained staff might vandalize your air conditioner. Experienced and friendly staffs will also help you by providing advice on future maintenance.


4. Availability 

An air conditioner is nothing but a mechanized piece. It is very likely that you come across a dysfunctional air conditioner at the very middle of your weekend. In order to secure the fixation of your Air Conditioner in the required time, it is necessary to be familiar with the availability of the service provider. Companies unable to provide a 24/7 service should not be opted for.


5. High Technical Service-

With the advancement in the mechanism of an air conditioner, it is necessary to upgrade the servicing procedure as well. Organic Enzymatic Steaming Technology, Jet Wash Technology are the few techniques that can assure you of good maintenance of your air conditioner. It is advisable that you choose the service provider who is occupied with the most advanced technologies.


6. Avoid Hard Selling-

It is a general tendency of every human being to trust people of the specified field, especially when it comes to gazettes. To avoid washing off your pocket it is mandatory for you to refrain from the hard-selling service provider.


7. Warranty on Service Workmanship.

Warranty on service workmanship varies from 30 days to 90 days. You must settle on companies which provide a maximum warranty on the service workmanship.

When you check the above things in the service you avail, there remain no chances that you will have to reconsider the service and the service provider. Hence start checking them now and choose the right service provider.


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Air-con service in Singapore

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