Akon Defends Bill Cosby! | TMZ Live

Do you agree with his reasoning?

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I Caught U Slippin

I have a passion for blogging about what's trending in Hip Hop, R&B, and Celebrity Entertainment. I'm a huge sports fan; my favorite teams are The NY Knicks & NY Jets. I also enjoy spending time with family, and working hard as hard work pays off.

46 thoughts on “Akon Defends Bill Cosby! | TMZ Live

  1. Brother! How can you go against Kanye and not see that Cosby's work speak for itself? We as blacks seem to choose who we stand with. How is it that we look at someone that looks like us, hate them and eventually see ourselves in them?

  2. This lil tmz ninja let that Kanye shit go to his head……Tmz where do you find these corny ass black dudes….from old gay dread to young fool ass ……..fuck you dudes…..weird ass pro stalkers…

  3. It very interested that people turn their back to Bill Cosby but remember bill Cosby did alots thing for black community he spent millions dollars to black college and university most people grown up watch Bill Cosby show in early 90 but i don't see anyone said anything when white man did the same thing that bill Cosby did i think is dubbed standard because Bill Cosby is black man but they don't do anything when white man do the same thing that bill Cosby did all those white man still walking around the street free 🤔

  4. Akon believes he didn't do it because Akon was accused of similar Acts and he know he was innocent himself and man is no evidence in the Bill Cosby case so what is the intelligent person supposed to think Bill Cosby was railroaded 30 to 20 years waiting to say somebody raped you but you still have contact with the same person and still having sex with the same person doesn't make any sense logically

  5. Even if he gave them drugs. They were grown adult women. They had the right to say no. They choose not to. So bill isn't at fault

  6. Those Women are GULLIBLE and STUPID …. And so is Cosby for having THE MAFIA for business investors and business partners…to jumpstart his career. Now it’s haunting him. Those women were hired. Or PURSUADED to PURSUE him. STUPID HOES THESE DAYS…

  7. Van you actually acting like Kanye West now it was no proof all these women waited over 20 to 30 years and still was messing with this man

  8. Bill could have found some bitchs that like being 💉 they are out there woman are so evil it said so in the bible from the start

  9. NBC Network was almost purchased by Bill Cosby. And he and his family has been targets along with death threats ever since. His son was targeted and killed and it goes on and on. Now he’s been accused….. these particular women. Aren’t 100 percent honest. They set him up. Or set themeselves up to be in that situation. If they were serious. They would’ve taken care of this a long time ago… some people allow themselves to be trapped. Especially Bill Cosby who has Mafia Gang Members as financial investors. Never do business with Gang Members Cosby or you’ll be trapped in the shit you’re in now

  10. Bill Cosby is not in the proper health and age to defend himself nor even think in that matter.. Do to age and health.
    But to compare young bill to old bill… Then compare young bill to old bill (in defending him self in kanye west "famous" orgy bed video ) this is factual evidence.
    Art get depicted from seen experience or hands on or not art is depicted for pre-see for pass or future events.

    See its one thing freedom of speech and poet/madeafore can do but to actauly see is t.m.i or just
    Some one breaking group/gang privacy codes/rules make it had
    Hard for ppl who dont actually "know reality personal commercial buiness" "nor the reality of spiritaul religous morals" or and "cultural American and else where laws"

  11. Why you guys not talking about Harvey Weinstein or charlie sheen etc? Lately its just bill cosby and R.kelly. we need all these muthafuckaz locked up. But bill was like a father figure i dont want to believe it.

  12. Lol. Now TMZ asks questions, to trash their opinions later on. LMMFAO….not really surprised! Liberal minds= not to think for yourself!

  13. 🤔Vince whatever your name is you a sellout bro, there was no hard evidence! To prove that he done anything, but remember if you ever get famous enough and a white chick pull this on you💯 you on your own… Brother

  14. Van is a contradictory bitch. She stalked him and lied. She caled and saw him a 100 times after the incident. Three FUCKING judge's???? No one reports the first judge. Not going to trail. They broke the law. He didn't rape any of them women. Never sex. It was like the thizz era. You don't drug thots during the thizz era. It's absurd to think he slipped people a micky. It waz consensual sex and she lied to get money. The new da wanted reelection and the lawyers and news stations wanted money am and a story a body. Fuck you van. She lied. Fucking ass bitches

  15. You can't take away everything has done. Young people want absolutism. But people are complex. He still did a lot for black people

    IM LIKE REALLY?? 😆😆😆😩😩🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

  17. People need to know the difference between Cliff Huxtable and Bill Cosby
    Cliff is innocent and Bill is guilty

  18. "People's lives are just more than what he did on television"……well, ever stopped to think about how people's lives were effected by what he did on television? 50 vs millions don't add up sir

  19. Ok their is clearly an agenda here Tmz are a bunch of snakes what evidence is there that Bill Cosby sexual assaulted any body🤔 what evidence besides these uncredible prostitutes saying he did…… who has actually looked at the case🤔 anybody who can read can clearly see it's a joke…….. and now Tmz are destroying another colored celebrity…….. anyone who comments that he is guilty for this I have two words for you……… prove it😐

  20. Bill Cosby is 80 years old now and now has been publicly Humiliate and can't do any more harm. Those charges file against him were crazy since time has since past for so called raping those women, which should have been brought up long ago instead of just letting the years pass by. I believe these women just want Publicity. They all who did come forth have now ruined a man's reputation. Hope they are all happy. So sad.

  21. Akon seriously Bruuuuuuh…C'MON my Blacc Neeeegah Cosby already admitted the shit himself on live TV dude..He don't give a damn about your ass anyway LOL

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