Alaskan Plumbers, Eric Andre, and a Literal Ranch: History of Ranch Dressing

Ranch is far and away the most popular salad dressing in the United States. But it’s also so much more than that. It’s a dipping sauce. A Halloween costume. And (probably) the most memed condiment on the Internet. But how did an Alaskan plumber stumble upon the idea? Why did the sauce get the name “ranch,” in the first place? And how did it become the basis for millions of jokes, including one very famous Eric Andre sketch? In this episode of History Of, we’re diving neck-deep into a pool of ranch to suss out the herb-flecked history, discover how we started putting ranch on pizza, and dissect its influence on an entire generation of 90s kids. Host Janae Price covers all this and more, in just over six minutes.

Did you know the history of the sex toy dates back millions of years? Or that McDonald’s McRib drew inspiration from the U.S. military? Or, that the modern tailgate might have been invented during a Civil War battle? In History of… Thrillist is taking you through a rapid-fire crash course on some of humankind’s greatest innovations in food, drink, travel, and fun. Hey, if you can keep up, you actually might learn something!


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