[Album Review] Origin of Times by Danjul


Origin of Times by Danjul Album Review


Up and Coming LA recording artist Danjul recently released his debut album Origin of Times. The project is an enjoyable, upbeat album with a lot of originally. Danjul taught himself how to write music and then linked up with producer Matthew Nelson back in 2010. The two of them worked together to create this project in what the artist describes as a cinematic sound. We recently had the chance to interview this aspiring artist and to give our view on his debut album.

The project begins with a spoken intro titled Origin that gives a great explanation of what the album is about. “I share with you my greatest sacrifices… My heart, my truth, my origin” sums up what the entire project will discuss. I really loved his intro, many artists fail on capturing the tone of the album in the intro and Danjul renders this well.

The album then goes into its second track City of Chaos. This track is a 80’s type song that is infused with so many types of genres of music. It shows that the artist has versitilly with his vocal range and sound. City of Chaos has heavy keys and light guitar tone. It is an uptemple party song with a very catchy hook – “Hell Yeah”.  On the next track Chapter of Love, Danjul’s voice flows smoothly over a hot beat. This is a beautifully written song where the artist is able to showcase his vocal range and writing skills.

The Path is a fun, energetic song.  It makes you want to hit the dance floor. With its use of guitar, percussion, and great production the song proves that the artist vocals are adaptable to many different tone ranges. The Path walks right into the next track Story of She. This track is a buoyant pop song. I love the way the producer was able to get the artist to ride the beat with his vocals. Magic Carpet is another fun and exciting dance track as well.

My favorite song on the album is Tower. This songs intro of a live orchestra is perfect. When the artist voice comes onto the track its like a marriage made in heaven. Danjul executes well on this track, he lets the world know what it took for him to get here as an artist. The perfectly written lyrics, the beautiful voice, and the composed background music meshes together thoroughly. The final song on the album Madhatter’s View is a futhoristic type tune. It is a great pop song and reminds me a little of Morris Day. Great way to end an album.

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