Allen Iverson picks his NBA MVP and top 5 current players | First Take | ESPN

Allen Iverson picks his NBA MVP and top 5 current players | First Take | ESPN

Allen Iverson joins First Take and picks his 2018 NBA MVP and top 5 current players to watch.

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32 responses to “Allen Iverson picks his NBA MVP and top 5 current players | First Take | ESPN”

  1. Lebron might be the best nba player in the world but lebron can’t even win in the finals

  2. Curry is definitely top 5

  3. gotta go with the boys in Philly

  4. Curry is a better basketball player and leader than kd. Steph made his team a super team

  5. Curry and warriors changed the game, now every team trying to build that elite team!! And please stop taking words from use to be and focus your attention on who still in the league!!! Because the game is set to curry 3s all day!!

  6. In no order, Lebron/AD/Kawhi/Steph/Harden

  7. Is this the greatest talent this league has ever had? ARE YOU F'ing HIGH? This league is small ball. It soft as hell in the paint. Take away the three point line and many names disappear from the conversation of NBA great or even MVP. As good as Lebron is, he is not facing up with Ewing, Jabbar, O'Neal, Olijuan(sp), Garnett, or forwards like Malone, Bird, McHale, or even Dirk now. Even in this interview. Harden doesn't have to face up with AI. Maybe 5 players in the league have a low post game that could compete just 10 years ago. This one time contact sport league is soft as hell from 3 pt line and beyond. The NCAA tournament is better

  8. what shitty hosts, the token jew and bad squeaky black guy. hire some talent. the jew has shit in his mount like an Alabama good old boy. the black guy is in some ghetoooo

  9. Curry wack compared to harden and Irvin #FACTS

  10. Gobert is moving into the top 5. His defense alone is more valuable than many of these all-star's offense and defense combined.

  11. Oh the greek frek…. Ai to embid… Noh…

  12. 28/9/8 isn't choking in the finals.. Durant only scores as much as he does because Steph's gravity gets him open or put on a midget.

  13. harden is better than durant by far

  14. haven't watched the video yet but my top 5 is:
    1. Lebron
    2. Steph
    3. KD
    4. Anthony Davis
    5. James Harden

  15. Aye listen I love Joel Embiid iid iid as much as the next guy but Anthony Davis is on a different level. He is a motherfuckin animal that will eat u alive

  16. I'm a warrior's fan and I think LeBron should get it hands down,

  17. I honestly think Curry is better than Harden, his 73-9 team would beat Houston, he's always getting disrespected. He's a two time MVP as well and best shooter ever. He can play better defense than Harden too, And I don't even like the warriors.

    1. LeBron
    2. Kawhi Leonard (With him, San Antonio would have beaten KD/Steph and the warriors. He's the best two way player in basketball.
    3. Kevin Durant
    4. Curry
    5. Harden

    I might switch Curry and KD just cuz I think KD is super soft and mentally weak

  18. Everyone is sleeping on steph curry, he's a back to back mvp and he started the current warriors juggernaut and the reason durant signed witht the warriors

  19. James harden should be mvp

  20. So proud of AI, not being high!!

  21. 1. KD
    2. Lebron
    3. Russ
    4. Curry
    5. AD
    6. Harden
    7. Khawi
    8. Kyrie
    9. PG13
    10. DC

  22. Lb not the greatest ever

  23. Lebron, KD, AD, Curry, Leonard

  24. ive loved allen iverson since i was a little kid but in all honesty, who gives a shit about his opinion on anything? dude was a special talent and one of the most entertaining basketball players ever but hes a fucking idiot…the dude can barely put a sentence together and hes blown through hundreds of millions of dollars…lebron is the mvp and its not close…steph would have come in 2nd if he stayed healthy all year at the level he was playing at…lol at westbrook over steph…fuck out of here with that nonsense…embid lol

  25. 1. Lebron
    2. Healthy Steph Curry
    3. Harden
    4. KD
    5. AD

  26. Anthony Davis all day ,this dude is done ng every thing

  27. no curry wow 2 mvp 2 rings and kills lerbron every year

  28. What happened to curry being the best in the world lol I never agreed with that

  29. Just give it to James lol .

  30. 1.LeBron James
    2.Kevin Durant
    3.Stephen Curry
    4.James Harden
    5.Russell Westbrook

    People who say no are on drugs

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