Singer / Songwriter Alonzo on his forthcoming debut single “Your Medicine” & more [Interview]

Alonzo is not just an artist with an extraordinary voice, he is also an extremely talented dancer, choreographer, and songwriter. Having honed his skills in ROCKFORD, ILLINOIS he is now about to unleash his debut release in the City of Angels and the world is patiently waiting…

Thank you for joining us Alonzo, could you take a few minutes to tell our readers more about your beginnings in the industry?

Alonzo: Hey! Thank you so much for taking the time to interview me. I still consider myself new to “The Industry”. At heart, I am just a small-town guy with big dreams and a lot of talent. I was raised by a single Mother and I come from very humble beginnings. Most of my success has been as a dancer/choreographer. I was the Choreographer of Semi-Finalists “Fatally Unique” dance crew on NBC’s Americas Got Talent. I’ve always had a gift/passion to sing and for the last 8 years, I have been pursuing a career in music. I’ve headlined several of my own tours in Asia and we are now ready to make my OFFICIAL DEBUT in America.

Where do you see your career taking you within the next ten years? 

Alonzo: I have friends who say things like “I just want to make music I don’t care about being a star” or “If it happens it happens I just want to sing and be happy”. Although I do feel the same about music being my peace and happiness, I think it is important to be clear with your intentions. In my case, my team and I have every intention for me to become one of the biggest stars this world has ever seen. I have been preparing for this my whole life and I believe it’s my purpose to inspire and spread love WORLDWIDE through entertainment. In the next 10 years, I see myself breaking records and making history.

With so many talents, do you see yourself as a Renaissance Man? 

Alonzo: I totally just googled the meaning of a Renaissance Man haha. To answer the question, I’d say not just yet! I’ve been able to nurture all of my gifts one at a time which has allowed me to become really good at them but I am not yet masterful in my eyes and I’m not sure if I will ever be. I feel there is so much more I can learn and I’m never too good to learn. There is also so much more I want to contribute to my life and the lives of others. That said, 40+ year-old ALONZO could definitely be a Renaissance Man.

What have been your most memorable shows so far? 

Alonzo: As of this interview, I’d say my most memorable shows are performing live in front of Millions on Americas Got Talent & performing at Red Rocks Amphitheater in Colorado.

When you pack up for a gig, what do you take along? 

Packing for a local gig is pretty easy. I usually just take my steamer and some throat spray. I might make some tea and keep it in a Hot/Cold Container to keep it warm. For a tour, packing can get tricky because you have to think about being away from home for a long time without over packing. In addition to the normal cosmetic necessities, my main priorities are my meditation crystals/books so that I can stay centered on the road, and I NEVER forget to pack my mini fan because I can’t sleep without the sound of a fan (It’s a thing lol google it).

When can we expect to see your first new single? 

My debut Single “Your Medicine” is currently scheduled to release on all platforms on July 10th, 2019. Follow me on Instagram for exclusives and Presale Info @StoryOfAlonzo

I just want to take the time to Thank you guys again! These were amazing questions and I do not take this interview for granted! Thank you!

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