Anderson Cooper: Is Trump sending a message to Cohen?

CNN’s Anderson Cooper says Donald Trump’s tweets may be implying the President would pardon his personal attorney Michael Cohen if charges are filed.


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38 thoughts on “Anderson Cooper: Is Trump sending a message to Cohen?

  1. wy are thy invading a prevent sinaten a dnd make a video on the taller and then slamming a sintenen how has the right to do this he did not gived poumaes to make that video wat jugey gave a warnt violt the right to go too aney SOS things that video po ido I not doing anything for you seen that wat isued that wart

  2. The wikileaks – clinton emails show conversations of the Hillery clinton campaign discussing Maggie Haberman as "dependable to push in favor of Clinton campaign" read the wikileaks its all there.

    Politico is #Fakenews

  3. Cohen is a consigliere. A doer. A fixer. I’m sure the feds have a mountain of shit on Trump. Trump is a mob boss. Look at his life. Zero ethics. A liar. An adulterer. Can’t see why people like this liar. They want to believe his bull shit because they can’t think. Fucking sad.

  4. I’m waiting for Sarah’s batteries to die. She’s not human but a cyborg of some kind that adamantly defends her insane, recluse creator.

  5. Mr. Cooper, I was wondering if we can change the direction of the story line and focus on ppl that got involved with the "shit hole swamp monster" because everyone who gets involved with this decease usually gets the ax, called names on tweeter and gets involved in some legal situation and are threaten with prison time.. now that is news!

  6. More idiotic CNN headlines. I wonder why the left wants to ban the rights hate speech, but journalist are free to hate on Trump about anything and everything, 24/7.

  7. The hate from the left is depressing. Being led by journalist given marching orders by the deep state, it is now clearer and clearer. These efforts will destroy themselves via their own corrosive vitriol.

  8. Shame on you CNN, you horrible traitors! Spending all this effort on…what if this, what if that. All a fantasy in your heads. Morons!!!

  9. Maybe AC, are we going to going to get North Korea to get rid of their Nukes, oh sorry you don't give a shut because your a little gossip girl.

  10. Trump make secret phone call from his private cell phone. Did he tell his friends to buy stocks in companys, that are going to be doing business with the goverment .

  11. should Michael Cohen be "pardoned" he loses his fifth amendment rights protecting him from self incrimination and can be called upon to testify with immunity and without fear of spending the rest of his life in prison …. has anybody told Presidunce Spanky this quirky little thing about the American Rule of Law?


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