Andrae Alexander Talks the Music Biz evolving, his Company Music Career From Scratch [Interview]

Andrae Alexander

By Jack Barnes

Getmybuzzup: If you were the CEO of your favorite record label, how would you change the rules?

Andrae Alexander: This is a great question! I would offer two options for artists:
1. Be treated like an employee where I pay you a salary to work. The work would be writing, performing, recording, etc… With this option, my label would own the music, however, you have all of the benefits and pay that most artists make horrible decisions to obtain.
2. Be treated like a partner where we all share the risk of releasing you and your music to the world. This is different in that most artists want a label to pay for everything for them, take all of the financial risk. In my model, the artists would split costs and be able to choose which services the label would be responsible for handling, a boutique label services company.

Model 1 is common in the Asian countries and model 2 happens with really business savvy artists that have a great team around them.
Getmybuzzup: Your musical styles seem to be very versatile. What’s your motivation with music?

Andrae Alexander: The love of life and people are my motivation. I have had the joy of traveling to over forty countries and meeting, eating, and partying with a lot of people. Every time I write a song, it reminds me of experiences that I have had and anticipating having. For example, I have been to every continent on the planet except Australia and I’m looking forward to writing a few Australian inspired songs.

Getmybuzzup: Any dream award shows you hope to one day play?

Andrae Alexander: All of them, including the Grammys, Emmys, Tonys, The Song Writers Hall of Fame, Rock ‘N’ Roll Hall of Fame, Pulitzer Prize, Congressional Gold Medal, and the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Winning all of these and playing at the ceremonies would a dream come true. Ricky Monir, who is one of the people I look up to the most in the music industry, has done all of this and more. The reason why that matters is that it shows me that I can have it all and more than I have ever dreamed of.

Andrae Alexander Talks the Music Biz evolving, his Company Music Career From Scratch [Interview]Getmybuzzup: How is the music biz evolving and where do you see yourself in it?

Andrae Alexander: The music industry is evolving into a more authentic industry where consumers want access to the real experiences of the artists that they love. We see that in everyone wanting to talk to their favorite celebrities on social media, wanting to watch them on reality TV shows, and with fans paying thousands of dollars for the opportunity to meet and greet their favorite celebrities. We also see a rise in people going to festivals, I think this rise comes from our human need to connect with other humans. In this day and age where we would rather swipe left and right than talk to the person beside us, I think concerts and festival attendance will continue to rise out of our need to connect. With that being said, I see myself doing more festivals, putting out a lot of new music, and composing for TV and Film a lot more.

Getmybuzzup: What is the next year plan?

Andrae Alexander: I have been recording a lot of music and in grad school. I graduate next year and plan on performing and creating more music. I also have a company, Music Career From Scratch, that helps indie artists navigate the industry with a team of mentors. My team and I are planning events and creating educational material to help great artists reach their fans.

Getmybuzzup: The new single “I want to know” is a dope chill tune. How did you go about writing it and what is your process?

Andrae Alexander: I wrote it for a film that used it as the finale song. The music supervisor told me they needed an island song about love. I didn’t want to write a cheesy song, so I started my process, which is simple. I have to create an entire story, a location, a temperature, clothing, time of day, anything that I can about this story. My story for “I Want to Know” was about a love so perfect that it has to be a dream, but it keeps going throughout the day and night. Once I create a story, I put myself in the story as one of the main characters and I write from my perspective.

Getmybuzzup: Dream (style or brand) piano/ organ to play?

Andrae Alexander: A Bosendorfer Imperial Grand with 97 keys and a Hammond B3 Organ with 2 leslies. Ugh, you can’t really get better than that.

Getmybuzzup: List your socials

Andrae Alexander: Everything is andraealexander or Andrae Alexander

Getmybuzzup: Any wisdom you want to share with your fans?

Andrae Alexander:  Live your dreams! You may have to leave your home and find a group of people who are living the life of their dreams, do it. You may have to leave a stable job and live your life at a standard that is less than you’re used to, do it. You may have to learn a new language, retrain your taste buds, and love people who think completely different from you, do it! Whatever it takes, live this life with no regrets!

Getmybuzzup: Thanks!!!

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Andrae Alexander Talks the Music Biz evolving, his Company Music Career From Scratch [Interview]

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