RHOP: Andy Cohen Asks If Ray Huger Lives In The Great Falls Mansion (Season 3, Episode 21) | Bravo

Once And For All Will We Get An Answer To This RHOP Mystery?
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As the circle of life continues and a new season begins, Gizelle is in the hot seat yet again for putting Charrisse’s troubled marriage out there for all of Potomac to judge. While Charrisse focuses on her kids and struggles to accept her new normal, single-and-always-ready-to-mingle, Gizelle sees sparks fly when a man from her past returns. With both her kids out of the house, Karen plans to upgrade to a bigger home. But Ray wants to downsize, and the queen of Potomac’s high standards put a strain on their search. Ashley’s Oz Restaurant and Bar is open for business, but the challenges of making it a success take a toll on her marriage and her baby plans. Also, Robyn and Juan’s financial hardships have forced them to move farther away from the ladies and lean more on each other. As the two adjust to their new life, Robyn must decide if she is finally ready to let Juan back into her heart. Outspoken Monique who is married to a former star athlete, joins the ladies this season and ruffles some feathers with her upscale lifestyle.

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RHOP: Andy Cohen Asks If Ray Huger Lives In The Great Falls Mansion (Season 3, Episode 21) | Bravo


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25 thoughts on “RHOP: Andy Cohen Asks If Ray Huger Lives In The Great Falls Mansion (Season 3, Episode 21) | Bravo

  1. Andy doesn't do this to the white real housewives reunions but whenever it's ATL or this one his messy extra and messy as in go in on Karen and joining the shady crew gizelle , ashely , Robin. Not a good look Andy

  2. Oooh we they some nosey asses including andy. And Robin telling karen it was fun coming to her house playing tricks on her and i can remember her freaking out with a mouth full of food just because Ashley asked her about Juan. She acted like a nut!

  3. Oh yeah, those three witches trying to get Karen kicked off the show!.a bunch of immature grown assets women's..just like Karen said they did it for evil and she's spot on! It's too much nice nastiness with these Potomac housewives!.They will cut you and gut you and they would say Karen my friend, I care about Karen , or I'm concern about Karen! That's what I called the devil in the blue dress! don't give a damn about anyone else's felling only looking out for their damn self. they will step over and walk all over you to get to the top by any means necessary!

  4. It WAS funny. That shit was hilarious however it's at karen expense so who's it funny to? Y'all, not her. Or Ray especially.

  5. Gizelle said "and me" …. Matt does NOT want to be froends with Gizelle .. nobody does. She is lying saying he wants to be her friend 😂 pathetic

  6. They’ve known Karen way longer than they’ve known Matt, but take what he says at face value. What great friends.

  7. For Gizelle to have a make up line, her make up is always a hot mess. Charisse is giving me dragggggggg.

  8. They need to drop the word “friend” because Giselle Ashley and Robin are nobody friend… They literally would do anything for a moment and messy Af … Robin talking about prying into people business is funny until someone pull ya bank statements then all of a sudden it’s not funny nomore… Karen been going through a lot and they literally dragged and picked on her the whole season… knowing what verbs going on with her.. that’s the lowest you can stop… The three stooges need to get a grip on their own lives and quit worrying about what Karen does so much

  9. They all need a life Karen and I will press charges just to be petty like them

  10. so we are suppose to believe that of all people Matt talked shi* about Karen to Charisse. that doesn't even sound believable…maybe Monique but to Charrise…girl bye!!!! that was a REACHHHHHHHHH FOR RELEVANCYY!!!

  11. Wow, They really do keep coming for her. Karen put it down when she was speaking in the beginning about how messy and childish they are. Do you feel better about it and they say it was fun, It was funny, I had fun,, That is such a childish, immature and nasty thing to say . Realize how twisted these women can be. So life is a joke to the Petty crew on the couch. And maybe Matt is shady but there is not proof he's talking bad about Karen. Candice claims Matt talked bad about the group of ladies not Karen. So either Robyn, Giselle, Ashley and Charisse argeed to lie about Matt just to aggravate Karen because they dislike her or theres small truth to what their saying. Either way Ashley enjoys using that storyline with 3 others cast members to back her up on Matt, just to hit Karen where it hurts and to make her look bad and also to say look I'm Right and Karen's wrong. It's like Ashley actually is mentally sick and desperate to stay on Potomac. Bravo I would fire her, Ashley likes to lie on others, She likes repeating gossip and made up stories and she smiles and laughs as she tells these ridiculous left field stories. Ashley go to college, get a degree and start a career for yourself . you are really reaching and that it's just sickening and disgusting to watch. Robyn you are a grown woman and you know better, acting like Ashley ain't cute for your age. And Giselle you may be smart however if Karen did this to you and called you a liar and questioned everything about your life you would not find any of this funny you would act as if your right their wrong. She'll act like her 💩 don't stink. Girl good night. Take a nap. And Charisse sweetie, you are not a real cast member anymore just leave the show, that's why Charisse comes out towards the end of the reunion because she ain't that interesting. You choose To be a back ground
    Guest. Charisse you are a mature smart woman but when you get around this show Potomac you want to be that single shady and hating trick in the corner. You wanna act like you have no secret agenda, she wants to act classy at events and speak proper but also wanna join in the Petty Club. Girl 👋 👋 👋 👋 bye . Ashley, Giselle, Robyn and Charrisse all four of you ladies are …Grown Women..Smart… Beautiful and have your own life full of joyful things so why in the world does bringing someone else down sound so exciting to you. It's weird, unusual and creepy. Karen you are beautiful, sweet, strong, smart, wealthy, healthy, flawless and courageous. Monique is beautiful, smart, worthy and incredible. Candice you are adorable, outspoken, curious, fun, loveable and smart. Those are my compliments for all 7 ladies. Hopefully the four ladies on the Petty messy couch start to change some things about them selves and not use this reunion as an excuse to hold on to another story line.

  12. Karen: you all hurt me and i didn't like it. Ashley,Robin and Giselle: But it was funny! with friends like these who needs enemies! its amazing that Robin finds this so "funny" when she was devastated all the way even to the beginning of the season that Ashley was "inquiring and concerned" about her relationship. She is the biggest hypocrite in so many ways because for the first 2 seasons that was her Ashley was "Concerned" about. they are better than me because this reunion would have turned into a episode of the bad girls club by the time it was over because you cant reason with stupid so in that case maybe you need me to shut your mouth! This season made me angry!!

  13. wtf is candace wearing? wtf sumbody help her plz 😧 ashley stop wearing heels love u but u getting hammer toe girl put them heels to rest for awhile

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