Groundbreaking App Gives Flo Rida Fans the VIP Experience

VIPwink offers subscribers exclusive messages

VIPwink offers subscribers exclusive messages before they appear publicly on Twitter while providing celebrities and brands with invaluable—and previously unattainable—follower email and data collection. Through the app, celebrities send out “winks,” messages that appear on subscribers’ VIPwink feeds before reaching the Twitterverse. This rewards loyal, paying fans with insights, news and perks while providing celebrities with valuable data collection, access to a verified group of dedicated fans and a portion of subscription revenues. If Twitter is the hottest nightclub in town, VIPwink is a VIP area for celebrities and fanatical fans!

“Twitter is a really hot night club, and all night clubs have a VIP section.  So why isn’t there a way to create a VIP section?  What would entice a fan to want to be in a VIP section?” says VIPwink COO Steve Berman.

Celebrities and brands spend endless time, money and resources cultivating massive fan bases on social media –butultimately, they don’t own this “fan equity” in the form of actual data or email addresses and contact information that can be aggregated or monetized…until now.


What the VIPwink App can do:

  • Imagine being able to own the email addresses of all of your Twitter followers?
  • Imagine being a celebrity who now has the power to “wink” your newest singles release to your ultimate superfans without having the rest of your followers receiving access to the track?
  • Imagine being a celebrity or brand and being able to identify your most loyal true fans? What kind of value would that “fan equity” have on the marketplace today?
  • Imagine if you were world’s most followed Katy Perry and had worked so hard to amass 54.2 million followers for someone else to capitalize on – now, what kind of power and  authority over your brand would you have if those 54.2 million people were in your own database that you could immediately access and market to instead of Twitter owning it?

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