Are Cheap Guitars Worth Buying?

Cheap Guitars

Are Cheap Guitars Worth Buying?

Beginners and young learners tend to be the most enthusiastic about their first guitar and are often on a budget, too. In such cases, turning to cheaper guitars doesn’t seem too bad, with many newbies considering them a steal. However, you must be aware of all the issues you might face when learning on a low-end guitar.

To prepare you beforehand, we have listed a few issues most people face with low-priced guitars:

Poor Quality Wood

Guitars made out of rosewood and mahogany are the best ones when it comes to acoustic sounds. Therefore, you might want to take a step back before picking out the plywood one in your budget, as the wood used in the guitar’s body significantly affects the tone it produces. Poor quality can also be identified by cheap paints and lacquers, and bad finishes.


Tuning and setup pose as an additional expense in cheaper guitars. Guitar setup holds a lot of importance in maintenance, makes playing more pleasant, and eventually helps make the hobby stick. It is best to get your guitar tuned by a professional if it’s your first one, and with time, you will be able to know what suits you best and adjust accordingly.

Warped Necks

In the music world, one side of the instrument being lower than the other is termed as warped neck. Twisted guitar necks often evolve into further problems like the guitar always being out of tune, fret buzz, and popped strings.
These are a result of poor-quality wood being exposed to humidity and temperature changes. Most people claim a guitar neck can be adjusted, but if the video tutorials do not work for you, a partial or full fret reset can cost anywhere between $200-$700.

Uneven Frets

Uneven fret positions lead to sub-standard sound quality no matter how good you play. This makes the guitar a bad judge of your abilities and leaves very little room for improvement.
Moreover, the ends of the frets may be extremely sharp, and anything less than smooth edges will need leveling. Adjustments add to overhead charges, which most people on a low budget try to avoid.


The lower price often comes at the cost of the quality-grade of electronics. Most hardware such as tuners, pickups, pick-guards, and bridges vary from guitar to guitar, making them irreplaceable. Thus, if you’ve got your hands on poor-quality electronics, modifications are not worth it.

Players usually upgrade their guitars due to personal preferences, as changing up a few things won’t make it sound or play better. Thus, going the extra mile for cheap guitars is a waste of your money or effort.


Before declaring it unworthy, you must look into what makes the guitar cheap. If the company is cutting down on manufacturing or labor costs, you can surely make do with it. However, if the low price affects the components and playing, it is best not to compromise and invest in a better guitar to have a brighter musical future.

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