6 Health Benefits of Attending Live Concerts

Attending a concert and watching your favorite band, rapper, dancer, or DJ perform is a thrilling experience. It’s completely different from watching their videos on MTV and YouTube or streaming music on Spotify and Tidal. The feeling you get when the guitarist pricks the wire and the whole crowd goes crazy is so refreshing. So, rather than being left behind by your friends for the next event, grab a ticket and enjoy the fun. Did you know that attending live concerts has some health benefits? Let’s explore them here.

  1. You Burn Calories

During a performance, your body is in motion, and even though you might be resting in between, you will spend most hours jumping around, screaming with excitement, swaying with the rhythm and letting yourself be. Being free is what makes a concert amazing.

Little do you realize that you are engaging your body physically, and the benefit of that exercise is that you are burning calories. Going to live music will help you shed some pounds. In fact, research has indicated that dancers in a live show burn about 400 calories in an hour.

  1. It Raises Your Spirits

Everyone needs a boost to their spirits during the day to improve their mood. Armed with the tickets, you and your friends are excited about the upcoming event. When the day finally comes, you all have fun, and the live event will boost your emotions.

The whole process from purchasing concert tickets, preparing for the event, attending with close friends and relatives, and enjoying the moments is super exciting.

  1. Acts as Pain Relief

Music is a medicine to the soul and flesh. According to studies, listening to your favorite jams before, during, and after surgery has analgesic effects on you. Dr. Steven Eisenberg who is a hematologist, oncologist and internal medicine specialist say that it’s the same case for people attending concerts.

According to Dr. Eisenberg, when you are excited, your brain releases neurotransmitters that block pain. Steven is also known as “The Singing Doctor.”

  1. It Brings Sense of Community

Whenever you are attending a concert, look around you, and you will notice that the people come from different backgrounds, some seem wealthy, and they are from different races, but nobody cares. They have all come to have fun.

The traits of other people are left outside the venue. From the next hours or so, you all share the same love for the artist. You can come to a concert and leave with new friends, people who you never saw before. Some couples met in concerts and fell in love.

  1. Allows You to Reflect

Remember a song you heard many years ago when you were young, and you totally fell for it. Do you still play it? Assuming you forgot about it, you are at a concert, and it’s played live, how excited would you be? Listening to a song you haven’t played for a while ignites happy memories.

You feel good because as humans, our minds automatically distinguish between music and noise and connect it with memories. Concerts also help you to relive old feelings.

  1. You Feel Inspired

Do you have a passion for music, or playing a guitar or piano but you don’t feel the motivation? Attending a concert can help increase your passion and imagine yourself on that stage performing like the artist of the day.

It gives you all the inspiration you need to get up and go for what you love. A concert encourages you to begin a musical journey. Rihanna used to attend Beyonce’s concerts before she became a big star.


As you have read, attending concerts has many benefits. It’s not just about fun, but also the impact it has on your health. Next time you hear that a singer is coming to town, hurry up and grab some tickets with your friends.

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6 Health Benefits of Attending Live Concerts

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