Aunt T Jackie – Piss On Donald Trump (Official Music Video)

Piss On Donald Trump was inspired by the very first single “Piss On The Floor” where comedic character Aunt T Jackie speaks on issues regarding Transwomen not being allowed to use the women’s restroom. The only difference is, it’s a more direct comedic song towards Donald Trump where Aunt T Jackie decided to troll him through a song because she feels that he trolled us for four long years in the White House. This is her farewell to Donald Trump as he exits the White House January 20th! This song will address certain things that he has done while being in office but from Aunt T Jackie’s point of view! Auntie calls this his GOLDEN SHOWER as he leaves the White House hoping that Joe Biden will at least bring important issues to the forefront especially regarding black transgender women being killed for being who they are.

Video Shot by: @The Real Aaron Collins



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