Best Beginner Guitar Lesson Provider Review

By Jack Barnes

The Basics:

Next Level Guitar is packed with a number of valuable lessons – 352 to be exact – many of which focus on beginning level guitar material. With 100 lessons that start with how to hold your guitar, this program really can take you from a very basic knowledge of the guitar to an intermediate or advanced guitarist. Next Level Guitar also comes with JAM Tracks, a program that provides downloadable lessons for a number of popular songs to help keep you interested in learning to play. If you need any Instruments, you can check this out at Instruments de musique


  • A great deal of content is included with Next Level Guitar (352 lessons).
  • Information is especially focused on beginning to play the guitar, but has sufficient content for an intermediate or advanced guitarist as well.
  • Lessons are in video format, which is great for a visual or audio learner, and makes it easier to correctly apply the skills you are learning.
  • For someone who learns by reading, there are also written lessons included in the packet.
  • Next Level Guitar’s website includes a number of user forums where you can receive direct answers to your questions and chat with other guitar players at your level.


  • Although the information is high-quality, Next Level Guitar’s website could use a bit more organization so it is easier to follow.
  • Site download seemed a bit slow, which doesn’t affect your ability to play guitar, but can be frustrating when you are trying to learn.
  • There was not much activity on Next Level Guitar’s forum, so there may be a delay before your specific questions are answered.
  • Although some lessons were video and some were written, no lessons included both formats.

Customer Support:

As we’ve already mentioned, online forums are available through Next Level Guitar’s website if you have questions or problems. However, due to a lack of activity on the forums, it may take a while for your questions to be answered.

Overall Thoughts:

Next Level Guitar provides a great deal of information for a newbie, with over 100 lessons geard toward someone just beginning their journey as a guitarist. Although the lack of organization on the website is frustrating and the separate text and video lessons could use some updating, the information that Next Level Guitar provides is high-quality. As the name itself suggests, despite the lagging interest in their online forums, the lessons continue to take you to the next level in learning to play guitar.

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