Best Moments Of ALL THE SMOKE Season 4 | Showtime Basketball

Best Moments Of ALL THE SMOKE Season 4 | Showtime Basketball

Season 4 of ALL THE SMOKE was a movie. Look back on the best moments and stories from Matt and Stak’s interviews around the country with a legendary cast of guests.

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(00:00:00) – Intro
(00:00:24) – Rasheed Wallace on the 2004 Pistons championship celebration
(00:01:14) – Magic Johnson missing out on once-in-a-lifetime Nike Deal
(00:02:51) – How Tourette’s Syndrome helped Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf make the NBA
(00:04:54) – Charles Barkley on Shaq’s Inside the NBA start
(00:07:12) – John Salley on Dennis Rodman’s different trash talk
(00:08:14) – Klay Thompson on getting busted for a dime back of weed
(00:10:27) – Stak explains how he and Kenyon Martin couldn’t be hazed as rookies
(00:13:46) – Will Smith tells a BTS story from the set of Bad Boys with Martin Lawrence
(00:16:42) – Freddie Gibbs on his dad’s rivalry with Michael Jackson
(00:17:45) – Magic Johnson on meeting Larry Bird for the first time
(00:19:27) – Dejounte Murray on being named an All-Star shortly after his sister’s tragic passing
(00:23:48) – Bonzi Wells opens up about nearly losing his life to a heart attack
(00:28:08) – DJ Quick’s encounters with Michael Jackson
(00:30:18) – Isiah Thomas on saving Stak’s career
(00:32:20) – Jason Williams on growing up with Randy Moss
(00:34:39) – Robert Horry tells legendary 90’s Rockets stories
(00:41:13) – Lil Wayne on his iconic Lighter Flick
(00:42:11) – Shaun Livingston on Donald Sterling
(00:43:11) – Tyrese reveals how he got his role in Transformers
(00:55:17) – Austin Reaves breaks down his infamous memes
(00:57:02) – Ty Lue gives his side of the Allen Iverson step over
(01:01:27) – Man Shumpert on Steph Curry’s coming out party
(01:06:35) – END

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