Best Nicotine Salt E-juice and Buyer’s Guide 2019

Salt NIC e-liquid is having excellent reach in the present world and thus you are definitely searching for the top products that are fit for you. Hence, we have collected the best of the items 209 for your ease and access. You can easily try out the following e-juices from the store and give yourself an early try.

NKD 100 Salt –

This is one of the best items that have great flavor punched into the e-juice. The taste of the liquid is outstanding and that is the main reason why it is the choice of most of the vape lovers. Nicotine content in this brand is variable between 25 to 50 mg. Hence, whether you are a regular smoker or a non-smoker, you can check out with this item easily.

Dinner Lady Salt –

This is another branded item that comes with two very much uncommon flavors and the nicotine content in it is also variable and top ranged. The flavors that you will find in this vaping liquid are Cola, Blackberry and the classic Lemon Tart. 30 ml pack of the item comes with 30 to 50 mg. Hence, tobacco content is very high and also available in low gradation.

Super Salt –

Available in 30 ml pack, this is the brand that is having different menthol flavors added to it. The best part of the liquid is the excellent mix of Benzoic acid with it. This makes the liquid very much rich and harsh and is great for throat hit. Tobacco content in the item is also variable and that ranges between 30 mg to 50 mg. Hence whether you are a smoker or a non-smoker, you would like the item very much, primarily for the tobacco content and secondly for the excellent menthol flavors of varied taste.

I love Salts –

This is Salt NIC e-liquid which is having outstanding female favored flavors in it. The ideal part of the liquid is the volatility of the salt part. Since it contains a better proportion of benzoic acid in it, the throat hit is lesser here and the effect is going to hit you much later. Available in 30 ml, the liquid is available in different flavors like super mint and candy flavor with strawberry and grape-berry and apple flavors. Tobacco content is not more than 50 mg, but it is also available in 25 mg pack. Hence, try out the differential tasty product now.

CRFT Salt –

Available in different taste and flavor, this is the e-liquid that is going to give you a single patterned nicotine level. You will only get a nicotine level of 40 mg in this pack and out of the top flavors, dessert and menthol is good, but the hot favorite is the tobacco content. The pack is available in 30 ml only and the pack is one of the top favorite products for the ready smokers.

Salt NIC –

This is one of the best-flavored items that are available in the market. The item is having melon mix and other fruit flavors with it, but the most famous flavor is dry tobacco. The 30 ml pack is available in 25 mg to 50 mg content and that is going to give you immense satisfaction at all levels. Get the basic support that you need form the Salt NIC e-liquid and along with it, pacify your thrust of vapors. 

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