What is the difference between an amateur and a professional?

The Difference from Amateur and a professional | Library of Music

By Jack Barnes

First of all, how a person relates to his/her activities. And secondly – it’s his/her professional level. But, no matter, who you are, an amateur or a professional, you can always find a use of your talent. If you are a musician, you have to make money writing soundtracks. And library of music will help you. With the advent of the Internet in our lives, we can gain access to the general information, including the musical information. This fact is expanding the number of potential listeners and consumers of your tracks. You should not have your own site or a page on a social network.

Find a site where the tracks are sold on the principle of royalty free and, believe me, this is exactly what you need! Many sites have high demands on the quality and not always will you receive a contract to sell your tracks on the non-exclusive terms and conditions. But this failure has its advantages. You can get the right conclusions and understand the fact that you will need to work harder in the future. This is a good and fair incentive! I think that we should not take it as a personal insult, but more as professional advice. Almost always, the library of a music manager is a professional, so his opinion is worth considering. And there will come a day when other composers will ask you for advice seeing your level of professionalism.

To be honest, the music world has no age limit. There are strict age limits in sports, depending on its type. In show business, it’s much easier. You always have a chance to become rich and famous. The musician, it’s like a wine which gets better and more interesting with age, as your experience over the years has been steadily increasing. No matter how you look, whether your are beautiful or not. If you are a composer, you will be listened to first and thus people will wonder how you look, if you have a website or a page on a social network site. Your tracks have to be a business card, which will give people an opportunity to evaluate your talent.

Send your projects to the library of music, for the tracks to be sold with royalty free policy. Sure, you can say that this is unrealistic, or let others do it, who can do this professionally. It is not necessary to move away from business! This is wrong. Do not underestimate yourself, and you should constantly improve your professional skills. Self-education is a great thing, when you learn what you want and try to make it better and better, so, as you are interested in the result of your education. Once you have received all the necessary knowledge, you can start writing tracks and share them online for evaluation.

Look for sites that sell tracks, working on the principle of royalty free. This principle of operation is very convenient and beneficial for composers who want to receive a steady monthly income. Having signed a contract you can send your tracks to the library of music. All genres are available to you, just try not to write too many tracks, because the quality is above all, not quantity. It’s better to have 50 good tracks than 500 tracks that nobody wants to buy, because they do not meet the criteria.

Have patience, listen to good composers, raise your professional level and never divert from the target. This is the main thing to remember for those who want to achieve financial success in the musical market! You do not need to be a genius, but you must be persistent and hardworking person. Try to surf the internet and you will find people who are interested in you as a composer. Good Luck!

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What is the difference between an amateur and a professional?

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