Bill Barnwell makes the case for Lamar Jackson and Baker Mayfield in NFL draft | SC with SVP | ESPN

Bill Barnwell makes the case for Lamar Jackson and Baker Mayfield in NFL draft | SC with SVP | ESPN

ESPN NFL writer Bill Barnwell joins Scott Van Pelt to make the case for Louisville’s Lamar Jackson and Oklahoma’s Baker Mayfield in the 2018 NFL draft.

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22 responses to “Bill Barnwell makes the case for Lamar Jackson and Baker Mayfield in NFL draft | SC with SVP | ESPN”

  1. Bill Barnwell was a cheerleader in college

  2. Imma Ravens fan and i been waiting for 3 years for flacco to get replaced. He hasnt been good since 2014

  3. I pray Larmar Jackson is on the board first round at #27 & the SAINTS pick him to sit & learn from Mr Drew Brees for.a couple of yrs.

  4. 2 best QBs in the draft.

  5. Lamar Jackson needs to have an intelligent mentor to structure and moderate his game, fill the holes. He needs Tom Brady, if he goes to the Patriots he will be successful, outside of the patriots I'm not sure.

  6. Thumbs up to Bill Barnwell for making some very valid points. My favorite quarterback by far is Lamar Jackson, with Baker Mayfield next. Josh Allen, Sam Darnold and Josh Rosen will never make it in the NFL in spite of all the accolades they have been receiving.

  7. Lamar has wonderlic IQ score of a Turkey….and Baker will bust too

  8. Its just sad they i keep seeing bake and jackson over 15 on mock drafts

  9. Not a fan of either of these guys especially Baker after admitting he failed a test given to him by the Chargers.. his excuse was he "didn't have time to study for it".. I feel for any team that drafts him.

  10. Lamar Jackson your the next Michael Vick bro-your friend jeremy

  11. I think sports analyst should be physically fit in order to maintain credibility commentating on super athletes. No disrespect kind sir. Women as well. Love Linda Cohn

  12. All I want is for Lamar Jackson to ball 🙏🏿

  13. Lamar reminds me of Kordell Stewart. Can't make plays in the pocket

  14. Mayfield had a stout O-Line with Orlando Brown blocking his blindside. Baker had time & space to throw the ball. He won't get that at the next level

  15. Davis Webb beat Baker out for the starting QB at Texas Tech. That's a red flag

  16. Baker Mayfield is an alcoholic. Police arrest doesn't help his draft stock either. I'd scrubbed him off the first round

  17. Listen here you fat fuck. Obviously you don't know what your talking about. He did not have the most rushing touchdowns and yards than anyone all 3 years. In 2015 Deshaun Watson had more rushing touchdowns and rushing yards than him in 2015. If he didn't start preserving himself for the NFL he would of had more in all his years of college.

  18. Baker is a less wild Johnny manziel, not good

  19. 🐰🐹🐱 don't read my name! 🐐🐓🐣

  20. Bill Barnwell lol you sound weak soft and girly. Say it with your chest.

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