Bird House – Roseanne

Mark (Ames McNamara) offers to help Dan (John Goodman) with his new project. Watch Roseanne Tuesdays at 8|7c on ABC.




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4 thoughts on “Bird House – Roseanne

  1. "Why do we cut down trees to make the wood for birdhouses?"  I never thought of that one!  It DID blow my mind!  Perhaps I never thought of it because I never had that brownie when I was in college!

  2. NOTE TO WRITERS: YOU GOT TO SAVE THAT PROP OF THE DECORATED BIRDHOUSE… for one thing, since you didn't do it in the episode, you'll have to bring it back in a future one as an adored work of art that gains a top acclaim somehow by someone of importance noticing it, somehow… and then you need to make a big deal about the fab work of that house. The better point of the story line is not only Dan had to make him do it as ordered, but that for the kid to "think outside the box" WAS indeed a thing showing great character and insights and talents in design that are going to be rewarded from this new found person that sees all of that achievement in it's design. You gotta get that into a later show. I'm sure you have so many in the Can, but work it in. You, the writers, established it, so you can't leave it hanging empty handed. Do something positive with it.

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