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Blac Chyna disses Kylie Jenner’s plastic surgery response. Plus, Tyga is having a serious financial problem and it could be Kylie’s fault.

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Tyga, 28, has been hit with embarrassing news. The rapper – who has been linked to Iggy Azalea, 27 – reportedly has a cash flow problem. He supposedly owes the taxman an eye-watering amount – so says The Blast, which claims to have seen documents filed against Tyga by the State of California Franchise Tax Board. The reason the rapper allegedly owes that much? He supposedly owes taxes to Uncle Sam for every year from 2011 up to 2016. Over that six-year period the bill ballooned to a massive $890,183.57. That also just happens to be the period of time that he was dating his ex, Kylie Jenner, 20. And the coincidence hasn’t gone unnoticed.

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Blac Chyna Thinks Kylie Jenner Is Lying About Plastic Surgery | Hollywoodllife



27 thoughts on “Blac Chyna Thinks Kylie Jenner Is Lying About Plastic Surgery | Hollywoodllife

  1. This red head seems like an ass kisser for the Kardashiands/Jenners. I love Khloe, Kourtney And somewhat Rob K. But the rest no.

  2. She's creating unrealistic beauty standards to make MONEY.

    If her fans believe that she's a natural beauty she can just tell them that she got so hot by using her own products (makeup, vitamin pills etc.) and her fans will buy her stuff.

  3. She did have non surgical surgeries done to her body since back then…the lipo one removing fat and putting it in your butt….come on Kylie it's so obvious…I think she's embarrass to admit it…I mean who's going to admit they put fat in their ass

  4. Kylie got surgery on her behind.. just like kim and khloe did.. that family is just ugghhhh

  5. Black chyna needs to focus on this possible baby my her 19 year old possible baby daddy

  6. Chyna needs to sit down & shut up. Her 15 mins are over. Her kids are going to look back on all this and be ashamed at how petty she is.

  7. If you watch KUWTK from just before Kylie got her fillers to after she got her first, she wasn’t lying about it. She, and the whole family, admitted that she over draws her lips when she puts on her lip liner. Kim even said that she did an interview in Australia (before Kylie had her lips done) where she was asked about Kylie’s lips but just cleared up that it was just her over lining her lips but in the same scene of the tv show Kim says “now that’s going to make me look like a liar because this was before she had her lips filled” so idk if they’ve ever really lied about getting them done more so pushed off telling the truth for a while. Watched the episode where they talked about it and admitted it the other day lmao

    PS if people are gunna reply calling me an ‘idiot’ like they always do when I make one comment defending the kardashians even when I’m being logical because I had the research done by each timeline, I’m just going to not reply because I’m in my third trimester of pregnancy and not in the mood for any crap. Ty.

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