Black Ink CHI: Ryan Keeps It 💯 About Former #9MAG Members On IG Live!


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25 thoughts on “Black Ink CHI: Ryan Keeps It 💯 About Former #9MAG Members On IG Live!

  1. Apu couldn't keep it real Katrina,himself,that ugly moochers of his nor tv. Habeeb is a joke&a stunter.

  2. just my opinion all of this could had worked out!! I don't see the problem . everyone should be true to themselves and to others. this started with Ryan getting caught with Kat .now the truth is the truth. his women found out in which it seem to me that Ryan girl is not so much into to him . as he is toward her. he is kissing her butt. but she don't seem to give a rat he know he has feeling for Kat . from the jump!!! who does he think he's fooling . so no one can not step up and say I'm sorry!!! so no one can't forgive . and move on ??? regardless who shop it is . !!! if they were good friends . I mean good friends this would had been squashed already . I hope Ryan don't think he's better then anyone . sometmes in life we have to suck up things in life and move on . because life is so short then u died .!!! I hav friends till this day for over 50 yrs of friendship. and if we have a problem we hash it out . but that comes with maturity. you young folks have a lot to learn in this life . !!! good friends come like gold . . nothing is worth losing a friendship over . come on get it together,!!

  3. I'm glad Ryan got away from them toxic jokers… especially Van… he is such a jealous hater… and them hoes ain't loyal… I'm glad Ryan ain't fucking wit none of them

  4. Charmaine wants Ryan 🙄
    That's the only explanation as to why she's so pressed over him

  5. basically Ryan was everybody's meal ticket and he left them hungry and they salty team Ryan

  6. that was some Chicago shit when he sat at that table and said fuck Y'all…shout out to the homie Ryan.. that's just like some bitch ass shit.. we want you to say sorry so if you do they just get up and leave and don't say shit? Foh

  7. Please stop getting interviewed by females especially African-American ones they won't let you finish your fucking train of thought and you damn near have to tell them" hold on wait a minute" every time you open your mouth…then at 13:43 when he does try to talk this wack bitch tell him make it quick???
    but Ryan know the rules he coordinated correctly…

  8. Congratulations Ryan I am glad that you are moving on them fools didn't have respect for you and your family or shop, I am glad you didn't apologize to them fools, I call them fools because of the ignorance that was at the table.

  9. If it weren’t for Ryan it wouldn’t be a BLACK INK CREW. Point blank period. Ryan, continue to stay as mature as you already are. Congratulations on your future ventures

  10. Why don’t nobody tell Ryan about his self, he never owned up the fact that he was screwing Kat and got caught and he blamed everybody. What kind of shit is that. It all went down hill from there

  11. Van is jealous of Ryan, Daniel and charmaine ain't shit, phor and don he should fix the relationship, fuck lily she didnt yave respect for him, and he should've have cobra with him

  12. Ryan Henry all this hoopla stems from ur indiscretions. U decided to creep with Katt, u got caught, lied on. Katt to save ur ass, then try to flip everything on everyone but U! Real shit, thenbu leave because u feel asthough everyone went against the grain by not siding with U!!! Come on my dude!! Man up!! U lied about everything! U do owe them a apology. Y'all were family, but u allowed ur girl to dictate U. Ok, wanted to get right with her n ur fam, but damn u direspected ur ppl's because u fukk'd Katt!!! Get ur life man!!! Stop tripping n flipping on those that been there for u n with u!! You've gotten cocky n arrogant! The show was all of u, not just U! They made the show… U don't have a storyline without them!! Own ur shit! Real shit!!! Not cool, ur not a G for this, ur wack! I hope U read this..

  13. This is what happens when the BOSS sleeps with his employees. Not siding with no one because everyone's at fault

  14. I don't think he owed any of them an apology. He built that shop with money his sister left to help accomplish his dream. He had a team of niggas that he looked out for and had they're backs. But just like any situation when things don't go their way, they forget who the fuck they talking too. I would've done the exact same thing. BYE!!!!

  15. Ryan was right to leave they are disloyal and Charmaine is a cunt.. sorry she was the main one talking shit.. they all should catch the fade

  16. He taking his road our life has detours….maybe it will be mended if not I'm all for family first….in time we will see…silence keeping his energy good

  17. The bufoonery is real with Loyal Ink. But those who lack integrity will make a mess of the best of opportunities. ♥️'s out to Ryan and his 9Mag brand.

  18. Man listen he fucked up and got caught and blamed his whole crew because he got caught no respect for that handle yur business and take responsibility for yur actions Kat looks wayyy better than Rachel..shit Rachel looks like a recovering crackhead

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