Bow Wow Discusses The Life Changing Event That Led Him To Put Down The Lean [Interview]

By Jack Barnes

Dr. Oz and Investigative Correspondent Lisa Evers discuss the issue of cough syrup abuse. Celebrity star and rapper, Bow Wow joins them and opens up about his life changing experience after he quit using lean. Enjoy this video stream below after the jump and please share this with friends.

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Bow Wow speaks about the time he realized he needed to change his life for the better and put down the lean:

Dr. Oz asks: “When did you realize that you’d hit rock bottom? Was there an event that made you think, Hey, I got to change? This isn’t working?” 

Bow Wow says: “Absolutely. My mom, just hearing her say my attitude was crazy, people didn’t want to, be around me, and it was changing. Then once I just put it down, I hit this wall where I just started feeling pain. And I just started feeling this feeling in my stomach, and cold shivers and I’m like, ‘It’s summertime in Atlanta. It’s like 100 degrees.’ But it felt like it was a New York winter day”. 

Dr. Oz asks: “So you tweeted earlier about the withdrawal, ‘I never felt the pain like that ever. It was summer. I was walking around with three hoodies ’cause I was so cold.’” 

Bow Wow says: “Facts.” 

Dr. Oz asks: “As busy as you are, as successful as you are, why was it worth it for you to be here with me today, talk to America about this?” 

Bow Wow says: “Because a lot of people, a lot of young people, they look up to me and it’s rare that, you know, I ever really speak out on something, but you know, this kind of hit really, really close to home with me, because, you know, I was sipping lean at one point in time in my life, and I felt that if Bow Wow stepped forward and, you know, spoke out against it and told the kids to put it down and not to be easily influenced by it, that it is a problem. You know, there’s been record books that show that people have died from this”

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