Bow Wow Posts Suicidal Tweets: “Truly Don’t Want To Be Here No More”

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24 thoughts on “Bow Wow Posts Suicidal Tweets: “Truly Don’t Want To Be Here No More”

  1. I hope he gets help. He's not just talking to be talking as it pertains to suicide & not wanting to be c here anymore. Keep ya head up Bow Wow, Shad Moss. What does Charlemagne mean when he keeps saying that Bow Wow is depressed because he's been to Australia too much? 🤔🤔🤔

  2. Kim Kardashian's just trying to compete with Rihanna since Rihanna announce first she coming out with her own lingerie line, I'm so over the Kardashian's including Kanye. R Kelly need to stop spending so much time with other people daughter and started teaching his own daughter how to say "no comments" instead of her out there looking uneducated and naive in front of a camera, I thought she was 13 or 14 come to find out she's 19 or 20 wow how was her money spent? Bow Wow just seems like he been through a lot as child star in Hollywood. He remind me of all the others molested child actors and actress act before they came out and told their stories.

  3. I remember a few years back I had suicidal thoughts was in a very dark place in my life. Then i've watch batman begins & it told me we all are in a dark tunnel u just have to be strong enough to find the light so thank u batman😢🙏

  4. I love Bow, but why post that on social media smh. He could have just reach out to someone close, I don’t get it. But I’m glad he didn’t go through with it

  5. Charla just needs to keep quiet. He acts like he is squeeky clean and he isn't. Suicide is nothing to joke about. And that goes for both Bow and him. If Bow is seeking attention he needs to cut it out. If he is serious then he needs to get help. Charla should have reached out before commenting. Envy and Yee need to control the mic and keep him off it at times. As for Kells…well I do believe he has a problem but until we can truly prove it I won't say anything. I will say this..if he is doing what they claim he is he will eventually get caught. Every dog has its day

  6. I think he and Keke Palmer should sit down and talk..and I think she would be a great helpmeet for him too..

  7. I said it Once! And ill say it again .ill rather be Broke ..than having to Deal with Hollywood Sucks you up ..and Spits you out like you were nothing..I Swear Tyga next..Mark my words ..🙏🙏

  8. 😭Wow I love Shad Gregory Moss he is a idol
    🤔But you know what people really do not know how it feels unless you are in those shoes💯 it’s a horrible feeling to not have or feel like you have nothing to live for and in that state of mind you think about the kids and family 🤦🏽‍♂️so called friends that you’ll hurt leaving these earthly things and become selfless like damn what about my pain what about the hurt I feel in this living form 🤔then you are ridiculed for feeling that way I truly hope that he find inner peace there is no one that can take you out of that state of mind but you god bless Him Forever Praying For His Spirit To Be cleansed 😔😔😔😔

  9. There’s always that one muthaflucka who gets drunk and starts crying in the middle of a session . I’ll tell him the same thing I told them, do it or shut up and enjoy yourself

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