EP Stream: Brent Butler | L I L A C [Audio]

Brent Butler

By Jack Barnes

brent butler has released his genre-hopping debut EP, L I L A C and it’s as multifaceted as its creator’s resume. The producer, guitarist, rapper, wine connoisseur, and host of an NYC-based celebrity artist interview series, has built a sound that defies pigeon-holing; guitars, electro beats, and synths meld into a unique and compelling pop. Enjoy this audio stream below after the jump and please share this with friends.

L I L A C is butler’s debut solo release and marks a bold step forward from The Cold Press, his concept-driven 2015 rock/hip-hop collaboration with Bronx artist Deascent. For L I L A C, butler sought influence from the exceptionally broad range of artists that have influenced him up until this point. Listeners may hear hints of Bowie, snatches of N.E.R.D, and the impact of Kanye and Kendrick throughout this record. Perhaps they’ll note Weezer, Rihanna, and The Beatles in there too.  L I L A C is a year in the making and its eight meticulously crafted tracks offer a perfect introduction to the imagination and originality of brent butler.

To preview L I L A C, butler dropped the “selective memory” single, which premiered via Pure Grain Audio who branded it a “genre-melding tune which also serves to define the rest of the recording’s underlying theme; how humankind views itself and what we each believe to be our life’s purpose”.

brent butler on L I L A C:

I’m excited for all listeners of L I L A C, because they are in for something totally new and different. As my debut solo EP, it was absolutely vital to me while writing and producing it that each song was entirely unique, unapologetic, and an authentic reflection of myself. I went in the studio not worrying about genres or labels, brands or blogs. This EP is for the people. You’ll pick up on elements of punk, hip hop, electronic, pop and psychedelia – but what’s more important is the feeling. If it feels right, do it, and when you do write, feel it!

About brent butler

brent butler is a NYC-based singer/rapper, songwriter, and producer who seamlessly blends genres to create captivating songs in a style uniquely his own. His eclectic music background stems from early obsessions with the punk rock scene and creative icons like David Bowie, infused with the influence of a hip hop-dominant hometown.

By the time he moved to NYC to pursue music full time, brent was shifting focus from fronting bands to producing beats and rapping. Today he is does both, marrying melodic, radio-ready hooks with deft rap verses, and self-produced music. In 2015, brent and Bronx-bred rapper, Deascent, released THE COLD PRESS, a concept-based EP and began touring.  L I L A C is brent’s debut solo release and showcases the impressive breadth of his musical repertoire.







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