BTS: Inside Episode 7 w/ Bill Hader & Alec Berg | Barry | HBO

Bill Hader and Alec Berg discuss Bill’s favorite shot from the episode, and the hairy situation Barry has gotten himself into with Chris. Watch new episodes of BARRY Sundays at 10:30PM on HBO.


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Author: TVQueenie

I am a reality show Diva, love everything about reality shows. Enjoy watching the drama, the tears, the so called real life experiences, the good, the bad, and the ugly. I view it as pure entertainment and would love to discuss these show with you. I also post some scripted shows I think you may like. Any suggestions for shows to post leave a message in the contact us above.

15 thoughts on “BTS: Inside Episode 7 w/ Bill Hader & Alec Berg | Barry | HBO

  1. Bill's acting backstage before his Macbeth line is enough for an Emmy nomination. I'd be shocked and frankly, disappointed, if he isn't nominated.

  2. My fucking goodness. Episode 7 by far is the best, greatest episode in season 1. Pure of raw emotion, Bill Hader, Henry Winkler and Sarah Goldberg should get nominated for award shows. Director and writer too. Fucking brilliant. 10/10 for episode 7 from me.

  3. This show is amazing, but these 8 episode seasons HBO is doing are way too short. But I love this show and have turned at least three people onto this fantastic show. Keep them coming HBO, I love you.

  4. This show is amazing… Reminds me of Dexter and Breaking Bad for some reason… Wish it was 1hr though…

  5. also that jump from day dream to the memory to the present was so, idk how to say it except physically engaging. I felt like I could physically feel what Barry felt in that instant, and in many other moments. Amazing shots, editing, acting and more had to be involved for that to work i'm sure

  6. I was a little late to the episode, but oh my god! phenomenal writing and acting! Such development in this episode, i see why it's a favorite. I am so glad that berg and hader planned the series the way they did. I look forward to whats next!

  7. Fantastic episode just great, full of emotions and he's gonna carry that guilt forever add the fact that Chris is just a genuine nice guy with family he had to kill because he didn't kill that maniac Taylor. There'll be probably no uncertainty next time he have to kill someone like Taylor after what happened.

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