Bucs Leonard Fournette on Beating Odds & Tom Brady’s Life Changing Call to Him | The Pivot Podcast

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As the NFL Season is set to kick off this week, we are wrapping up our training camp tour and had the opportunity to sit down with dynamic running back and recent Super Bowl Champion, Leonard Fournette.

Lenny, a man of many nicknames and native of Louisiana, joins The Pivot for an in-depth conversation about football and family. With the guys always on Channing about his footwear, Leonard starts the show by gifting him a new pair of Dunks to upgrade his shoe game.

Sharing the LSU connection and New Orleans roots, Ryan goes back to Leonard’s early football days from watching him in high school to college to him becoming a 4th overall pick in the draft and recognizing that he’s always faced turmoil and backlash throughout his career but has always been a dominant player.

Known for his unique ability to pick up blitzes and run the ball, Leonard discusses the trials and tribulations he’s faced throughout life and his determination to persevere beating all odds from his time in little league through high school and college to getting drafted by Jacksonville in 2017, learning an important lesson along the way: to whom much is given, much will be required.

Fred, understanding the Jacksonville organization, asks Leonard what really happened with the Jags and the final straw for him to leave there when he was vested as the future of the team. Being released 2 weeks before the 2020 season was one of the most shocking NFL moves as well as a shot to Leonard and the relationship he felt he had with the coaching staff, especially Doug Marone.

However this move, considered a blessing and a curse, as Leonard answered the call from across the state and ended up signing with Tampa Bay to play with Tom Brady. Fast forward to winning a Super Bowl that season but more importantly, evolving as a man, a leader and developing a more mature outlook on football and business. Under the leadership of #12, Leonard has tried to pass down his experiences to the younger players as Brady did for him and reunited for one more season, the Bucs are in position and ready to make another run this year at winning the Lombardi trophy.

A family first mentality and tight knit group, Leonard shares the hard times growing up, tough love from his father making him who he is today and the hardships they faced after hurricane Katrina and how it made them stronger as a unit and reminded them they can get through anything as long as they are together.

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