Byron Scott: Donovan Mitchell is outplaying Thunder’s Big 3 in NBA playoff series | The Jump | ESPN

Byron Scott joins The Jump and says that Utah Jazz rookie Donovan Mitchell is outplaying the Oklahoma City Thunder’s Big 3 of Russell Westbrook, Paul George and Carmelo Anthony in the first round of the NBA playoffs.

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42 thoughts on “Byron Scott: Donovan Mitchell is outplaying Thunder’s Big 3 in NBA playoff series | The Jump | ESPN

  1. This is by far the funniest thing The Jump has done! That Curb Your Enthusiasm music and the tight shot of an awkward humbled Westbrook, comedy gold!

  2. Ugh tired of hearing people always say talent. There is no talent in sports, it's an obsession. Talent is interest pursued. Fuckin people always trying to say someone is born better than others.

  3. Having a great coach and the defensive player of the year Also helps. And a point guard whos going to feed you the ball and one of the best three point shooters in the league. Don't act like hes doing it by himself, he has a great system and team around him.

    While OKC have overrated players with a terrible coach, the only player that actually isnt overrated on that team is Steven Adams. The big 3, is shite

  4. We should go easy ng The OKC 3, HOF. Neither PG or CA have any such credentials at the moment and that of RW is slim. Averaging a triple doubles for a year doesn't warrant the HoF

  5. Westbrook is not a ''better player than what he's showing''. He's a super athletic bone head. He gets a lot of buckets simply because of his speed and bounce, but has the IQ of a high schooler. His MVP is just a reward for stats. And btw, I was really rooting for the Thunder this season, but other than Steven Adams, non of them have their hearts in these games

  6. Damn even John Stockton could probably out play Westbrook. The only way i see OKC improving they actually need a pure point guard to run the team offense and slide Westbrook as a 2 guard maybe they can create more movement. Till then OKC will always be OKC.

  7. WESTBROOK – IS – NOT – A – THINKER. That's his weakness…a LACK of basketball IQ. He's got the raw talent…he's got the skill…but he don't have the BRAIN. And that's why he won't be a champion.

  8. O y'all just now realizing Russ doesn't use his mind when we playing enough I'm in the comments been saying Russ would be the best player in the Nba right even pass lebron, harden steph, & kd if he played with his mind also meaning turnovers from trying to hard forcing plays that aren't there if Russ always played off what the defense gives him he would be the best player but his attitude & ego cause him to make bad decisions consistently in pivotal moments of games consistently & he hasn't improved over years of recognizing his mistakes as a player…. I'm rooting for Russ in general but I just got the feeling he's never gonna get a championship cause he's got that my way or highway attitude…..

  9. The refs are out playing okc you mean…okc hasn’t been allowed to even look at the jazz yet the jazz are allowed to play defense like they’re the bad boy pistons….

  10. Donovan is playing great because he is good player and the team allows him to play his best. The team plays great. It's a team effort. Good coaching also. Westbrook is a crazy. You can see how he plays and talks. Lol. Everyone on the set and watching is laughing at him. Crazy.

  11. I just think Jazz have more talent as a team and that alone can make any players great like rubio running the court nonstop and mitchell being able to play his best and worry less on getting back on defense. The team recovers and back each other out. Look at jae crowder, this guy plays like crap in cavalier, but gave his all for the jazz.

    Thunders big three, are good individually, but as a team, they sucked. They will never beat a team system.

  12. Why isn't anyone talking about how the Jazz made late season trade to get Rubio and Crowder but OKC kept their lousy ass roster, knowing that their number one hot blocker was out for the season and they were relying on 3 players to to score instead of at least 5? Where the freak is your basketball IQ Byron Scott?!!

  13. rachel only think russ never played like this last year bc she was part of the triple double bandwagon when it was clearly harden's year. She be backpedaling heavy. Russell Westbrook is very consistent with the way he plays he always plays his hardest and sometimes out of control. This alone goes to show you how badly the media diverts a players objectives and changes the narrative so everything is like a Disney show.

  14. Lol Russ Gotta Keep That Same Energy When He See Him In Game 5 Don't Double Down Now You Bout It Show It 💯👌

  15. Russell is trash, poor IQ, decision making, temperamental, low shooting percentages, high usage, high turnovers. WHAT IS HE GOOD AT?

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