Call a Certified Plumber If You have a Clogged Toilet

If you have a clogged toilet, you’ll notice that absolutely nothing seems to be going down the drain, or maybe your water is always going down extremely slow. If you have kits, many things can actually cause your toilets to be clogged. When you’ve tried a plunger, and don’t know what you’re doing if that doesn’t work, you can actually end up causing more overflows, have problems with your sewer line, and more. Anything you do other than plunge your toilet can harm your toilet or sewer line, even more, says this bathroom plumbing services website. That’s why you should call a certified plumber if you have a clogged toilet.

What About Pipe Snakes?

If you don’t know what you’re doing as mentioned above and are not a certified plumber, pipe snakes can actually be harmful to your toilet system. It can actually break your toilet’s seals, pipes, and more and should be used with extreme caution. Not only this, but pipe snakes can actually harm your actual sewer pipe, putting holes in it and causing leaks underneath your home. Extra air that can get into it can actually cause more problems for your drains than anything, as well as give the opportunity for your drains to back up and flow under your home.

What about Insurance?

By calling a certified and licensed plumber, you will have numerous benefits that are available. Not only will they make sure they get to the bottom of your problem, but most certified and licensed plumbers will make sure that they show you that they have insurance.

Be sure to ask to see proof of their insurance in this matter, because if they have insurance, not only do you know that they’re covered in case of emergency or safety issues and injuries, but they’re also insured so that if there should be any problems (sometimes plumbers have had to break pipes, and more to get to the bottom of the issue) then your home is also covered from any damages your plumber may make, whether they’re accidental or intentional (as mentioned above).

Why Not to Hire an Unlicensed Plumber

There are many reasons why you should never hire any contractor that isn’t professionally and legally licensed and registered. Not only do you have the insurance, but most of these guys don’t cover their own insurance when they’re not an actual licensed plumber. Because of this, if they get hurt, or if your home (or even yourself or member of your family too) gets damaged or hurt, then you’re liable. You could end up paying more fees than you really want to, as well as be liable for anything that the plumber doesn’t want to pay for.

Aside from this, but there are also a lot of shady people, who will charge you a cheap rate for a quick buck on their end, but they won’t actually get the job done right, which could lead you to more work in the future. The goal is to get your clogged toilet or pipes repaired so you don’t have to deal with this often.

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Call a Certified Plumber If You have a Clogged Toilet

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