Cam Newton Challenges Channing on the Bottom 5, Talks Personal Miscues & Legacy | The Pivot Podcast



Opening up in a honest and humble conversation, Cam Newton sits down with Fred, Ryan and Channing to discuss everything that has been going on from football, to his personal life to recent issues with some of the statements he has made.

A deep and impactful discussion between men on growth, learning from mistakes and how to keep moving forward when the cards are stacked against you. And Cam shared a powerful burst of what the fire he still has to play football every Sunday.

Allowing the vulnerability to come through, Cam opens up about some mistakes he made with relationships and owning up to the responsibilities his choices have caused and accepting the fall out and positives that have come with it.

Back to football- Cam challenges Channing on his statement of him not being one of the best 32 quarterbacks and asks him if the bottom of the pack is better than him. The two debate why he is or isn’t in that group and Channing says the league has deemed he is no longer going to be a starter a team.

Fred believes Cam still can land on a team this season before they go back to talking about his college days and time at Florida, asking if the off the field incident that Cam got into during his early college which led him to leaving for Auburn.

Ryan gets into Cam’s recent situation and the comments he made about women and he explains how they were taken out of context and how his remarks were intended. Understanding that his words will never be louder than the media’s, Cam shares his thoughts and the message behind his words.

Understanding the role of being a black man and leader for youth, Cam talks about how his impact in the NFL should have been greater than Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers and the Peyton Manning’s of the world because of his influence on all communities and not just his play on the field.

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